Ramen Kan, Passionflower

  28 December 2005

The catch with winning the tickets from nova was that i had to pick them up (pssht). So Noods drove around in circles becos there wasn’t any parking while I got my tickets from the very cheerful receptionist. Feeling a tad peckish we decided to grab a bite for dinner in Chinatown and parked at Market City. Stepping out of the carpark and onto the street I immediately saw the oporto and cold rock and knew from Grab Your Fork’s post that a japanese restaurant called Ramen Kan was nearby.

Unfortunately for us the elevator was broken and we had to climb up some very dingy steps going past signs offering top class sheep placenta (at a bargain $7.50 rofl!)

An almighty irrashaimase was called out as we entered and menus placed before us. I decided on the kitsune udon ($7.90) and Noods on the tonkotsu ramen ($10.90) and large sashimi ($12.90).

I have a confession. I like tofu. Haha mmm I’ll eat tofu in any form except when its trying to be meat. I’m sorry tofu I only like you when you’re being yourself. And I liked the long strands of squishy udon but the sashimi wasn’t really fresh and the salmon was kinda stringy when I bit into it. Noods’ bowl of tonkotsu was giant size! But he reckoned the ratio of veg to noodles was unbalanced.

The only big negative of the restaurant was that their air conditioning (or lack thereof) made us want to eat faster and leave faster instead of ordering more food. So we headed to Ippon Sushi on Sussex St so Noods could eat his sashimi and i could have my most favourite fried food- fried salmon skin at the low low cost of $2.50!

A trip to Passionflower was next (dude it was like 30degrees!) and no trip to the city is ever complete without a stop at passionflower.

I bring to you: forbidden fruits! 6 scoops of icecream of your choice with seasonal fruits and passionfruit sauce drizzled on top! Our choice of icecreams were durian, sticky rice, blackcurrant, lychee, pink grapefruit (my favourite!) and mango sorbet and at a whopping $27.50 it was worth every bit!

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