La Seconda, Baulkham Hills (Closed)

  6 January 2006

EDIT: Closed.

La Seconda (Winston Hills Shopping Mall Shop T64, Caroline Chisholm Drive) is a local Italian restaurant me and Noods go to when we cant be bothered driving far. We’ve only been there a coupla times but 2 of the waitresses already know us and what food we order which was disturbing at first until i came to the conclusion that no other asians went there haha

There’s also this coupon you can get here where you buy one meal and get the second (cheaper) meal for freeee! Which is good cos then you can get dessert!

For mains i got the steak becos dudes the sauce is fantastic and it masks the blooood (noods reckons medium rare is the best for a steak) hehe anyways the prawns are giant and crunchy! And im going thru a rocket phase so mmm rocket (but booo to the brocolli) and noods decided to try the special of salmon with peas and scallops risotto which he kinda found plain. The salmon was nice and soft but the risotto was weird; not much flavour and he ate all the scallops (all 3 of them heh) and didn’t share any with me!!!

Anyways we ordered dessert I’ll have what she’s having which is basically a disc of meringue with slices of banana, 2 giant scoops of honeycomb icecream, topped with a pistachio biscotti and doused in butterscotch sauce and you know anything with butterscotch is automatically classified as super mmm

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