Tomodachi, Parramatta – (Closed)

  9 January 2006

EDIT: Closed

What is with the weather lately hey?? One day temp reaches 45degrees and the next it pours! Making me sick man like literally cold and fever sick and it doesn’t help that i have to keep walking in and out of our minus 18 degree freezer. Anyways the crazy humid weather made me and noods feel like eating japanese food so off we went to Tomodachi in Parramatta (new section oh baby oh baby!). We decided not to sit at the sushi train area because they’ve got a pretty large selection in their ala carte menu. We were given complimentary salads but they didn’t really have much taste and it felt as if the vegetables had been sitting in fridge for too long but hey it was free right?

I pretty much like salmon anything so opted for the terriyaki salmon bento ($18.50) and wheeee i like prettily presented food in compartments! (haha i get pleased so easily) the salmon was nice and soft on the inside and sweet and a bit sesame-y on the outside and look i got sashimi! And the mash on the top is like potato and egg mash and for some reason chilled? Which made my mouth confused becos i kept switching from cold mash to hot salmon to cold sashimi but mmm it was sooo good!

Noods got the seafood okonomiyaki ($15.50) and when it arrived he was like dude it looks like its still alive! Sprinkled on top were these paper thin strips that kinda tasted like rice paper but becos the bottom of plate was like a hot pot the paper bits were moving around. Personally i didn’t like it but noods managed about halfway hehe

Dessert I really wanted to go to Max Brennar and have the white chocolate dome but they ran out! Dude was i mad! So ordered the chocolate souffle instead which was kinda like a chocolate volcano cakey on the outside and a river of chocolate ganache inside. Noods got the suckao while i watched him burn himself repeatedly with the straw

Mmm free water WITH ICE! haha i love ice ooh and ended up buying chocolate from max brennar.

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