Nadias, Gelatomassi, Wolfies Restaurant

  21 January 2006

I’ve been waiting alllllll week to go shopping!

But first some breakfast at Nadias in Parramatta. I ordered the banana bread which was nice and warm and toasted but it had such a weird aftertaste that i couldn’t finish it and stole food from noods

He got the big breakfast with extras and the toast was soooo nice and buttery

Then off to Newtown! I love newtown! Maybe not so much for the shopping but more for the atmosphere. It feels like melbourne! With all the cafes and with the ‘different’ people. Wow they were some colourful out there!

My new favourite icecream store! Gelatomassi! So many flavours, so soooo yummy! We got sticky date, pistacchio (ohhhh my sooo nice), lychee, lemon and watermelon. Dudes it was soooo good!

Then off to the Rocks Markets! Stall after stall of shiny jewellery, hippie bags, paintings and aussie souvenirs galore!

I found a sexy jar of mango moisturiser creme and mmm I smell like summer hehe and look at the first ingredient on the back! LOVE

Feeling a tad hungry we ate at Wolfies Restaurant (27 Circular Quay West, The rocks) with a view of this:

For lunch there was a $33 deal where you get a choice of 2 courses so me and noods opted for mains and dessert.

For my mains I ordered BBQ Giant Pork Ribs because I was thinking pfft giant? It’s only a half serve! How giant can it be? And wow how wrong was I?! It must’ve been a mutant pig becos it was so damn huge that I only made it halfway!

Noods ordered Grilled Kangaroo Loin becos for some reason he likes kangaroo hehe

And the dessert! C can always make room for dessert! I ordered Vanilla Creme Brulee and mmm perfect caramelisation! Noods ordered the Bowen Mango with Macadamia Icecream which he unfortunately couldn’t finish and I had to ‘help’ him eat it all hehe

Then lastly to Paddys Markets in Market City where I bought this tshirt which said:

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