2006 Chinese New Year

  29 January 2006

The annual Chinese New Year party at the Thye residence! Our house finally unpacked and cleaned and made all pretty and then everyone running around like crazy becos we spent too long on the cleaning but not enuff on the cooking! Me and noods were enlisted and put on skewering duty while friends and family started showing up.

Uni peeps: lauren, joke, me, john, nadine, amie, nat, thuy

Uni peeps got shafted to the picnic rugs on the grass becos the chairs were reserved for the older people heh

The yee sang toss! Chinese New Year is not complete without a Yee Sang toss for good luck, prosperity, longevity, health and wealth. Loh hei!!!

Food! Prawnies and rojak

Coriander chicken with glass noodles and skewer goodness!

Dessert time! Onde onde (oozy sweet malaysian ball thing) and the ice kachang machine

Noods and me =P

Random: noods making weird shaped popiah and then making one perfect shaped one and everyone thinking i had made it

Group hug! Thanks guys for coming! I hope you liked the food and had a good time! Happy new year!

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