Cupcakes gone wrong

  12 March 2006

I planned all week to make cupcakes. Beautiful baby cupcakes with pink frosting from my new (but old) cookbook Cupcakes by Elinor Klivans. I followed the recipe carefully, double checking all the amounts of the ingredients, doing everything to the damn letter only to bite into one (minus the icing) and scream OH MY GOD WHY THE HELL IS IT SO SWEET?! I can’t figure it out! And they’re all dimply! Why for petes sake is it dimply??? It produced a nice sweet crust on top which would’ve been good if I wanted a MUFFIN but nooo it was like all the sugar quadrupled just to mock me. MOCK ME I SAY! Bleh think next time I’ll stick to my normal never-ever-fail cupcake recipe even tho the photos in that book were soooo preetty. It’s strange tho, I shoved in bits of max brennar chocolate into some of them and they were less sweet. The others I thought well I couldn’t possibly make it worse so I found the cream cheese buttercream icing recipe in the book and coloured it pink and swirled a bit on the cupcakes to produce: A MUCH SWEETER CUPCAKE

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