Arthurs restaurant, Kellyville (Closed)

  17 March 2006

Edit: Closed

Whenever we go for dinner at Arthurs restaurant (The Village Centre 29-31 Windsor Rd Kellyville) it is mainly because of their amazing creme brulee but since I don’t think i can order just dessert we started off with the cheese and chilli bread.

For mains I decided on the Barramundi fillets with Honey, Lime & Chilli Prawns with Mango salsa and Steamed Greens ($29.90)

And mmm fresh mango! Haha this is my attempt at an artsy shot of my food. I couldn’t really taste the honey or the lime but I could taste the honey on the potatoes; a coupla bones here and there in the fish but it was a pretty giant slab of fish

Noods got the Seafood Pasta with Spinach, Garlic White Wine Cream Sauce ($26.90) and mmm it was nice and cheeesy and look at that giant calamari geez louise it was so huge!

And then dessert! Passionfruit creme brulee ($12.90) mmm the perfect amount of caramelised sugarrrrr

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