Alio, Redfern (Closed)

  26 March 2006

Edit: Closed

So it was me and Noods’ 4 and a half years anniversary and I was a little late in booking the restaurant which led to many ‘I’m sorry we’re booked out until 10pm’ until I finally decided on the degustation menu at Alio (5 Baptist St, East Redfern). Noods got us lost (heh as usual) but we found parking at the Surry Hills shopping centre and were shown to our pretty but hard wooden chairs.

First up came a platter of parmesian bread sticks and a nice thick wodge of sourdough and for some reason the olive oil came in a realllli long plate and 10 seconds later came the teensiest littlest mug ever filled with pea and mint soup which was creamy and the perfect comfort food for such a cold night (dude it was raining and the air con was in the minuses!)

Entree was baked Italian buffalo mozzarella on roasted eggplant dressed with 25 year old balsamic vinegar

I’m not a real big fan of eggplant unless its fried with belacan (heh yep Malaysian girl) but the eggplant was nice and soft and oooh I looove buffalo mozzarella and it was REAL and FRESH (and yes the waiter realllly emphasised the 25 year old part)

Our pasta dish was ravioli with pumpkin, pine nuts and ricotta with sage butter

This was my most favourite dish of the night! A coupla days ago went to a get-together shindig and someone ordered the pumpkin ravioli and it came out bright orange with a really artificial taste but this was oh so yummy and delicate and mmm fresh parmesan shavings!

The fish course was salmon dotted with anchovy paste and topped with a zucchini flower

Mmm the salmon was cooked perfectly with the middle a perfect sashimi softness. The anchovy paste was a little too fishy… pairing anchovy with another fish? And argh enough with the zucchini flowers sydney!!! Yeah the zucchini flower was stuffed with more salmon

The meat course was slices of lamb on a bed of eggplant with pesto sauce

The website had said wagyu so me and noods were getting all kinds of excited lol but instead we got lamb but oooh baby it was so tender! And it had bits of crackley goodness! Mmm medium rare is the best!

Next came a giant spoonful of pineapple sorbet

Not very pretty to look at but it was really refreshing and it was a bit strange eating pineapple sorbet when I’d keep remembering eating those pineapple zooperdooper iceblocks in primary school

And finally dessert! Dessert was choux pastry puff with hazelnut cream and chocolate sauce

I’m not much of choux pastry girl because I think all dessert except for tarts should be uber soft. The chocolate sauce was soooo sweet it felt like my teeth were rotting in my mouth haha but mmm honeycomb bits!

All in all it was a pretty good experience and between meals service was very efficient and the waiters would zoom off with our plates the moment we put our knives and forks down! The degustation menu was $55 per person and I reckon it was a great deal!

Happy anniversary love!

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