Nick’s Seafood Restaurant, Cockle Bay Wharf

  31 March 2006

You know those raffles at charity events and schools where you feel obliged to buy a coupla tickets knowing that you have a snowballs chance in hell in winning? My dad has this ability to win the 3rd prize which is usually dinner at a posh restaurant. And since most restaurants which give out these free meals aren’t Chinese, him and my mum drag me and noods along to ensure we eat their share of the food/moneys worth. Which is a sweet deal for us becos it means free food and free transport haha

So our free dinner was at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant (the Promenade- Cockle Bay Wharf) and we were greeted with a very ditzy lady who couldn’t read her own writing in the reservations book and then said I”m sorry let me TRY and find a table’ only for us to walk thru the restaurant and see that half the room was empty! We ordered drinks and waited. And waited. By the time the waiter came back our stomachs were growling!

For entree me and noods split the Seafood Chowder ($14.50) and they were nice enough to put it into 2 bowls for us.

CHOWDER! Say it frenchie! (haha gotta love the Simpsons). The seafood chowder was very yummy with chunks of fish floating around however I thought it could’ve used a bit more of the seafood and less of the miscellaneous vegetables

After me and noods had devoured the soup it took heaps long for the food to come and when the parentals don’t get food they don’t talk. It’s as if they have to concentrate to not let their stomachs eat themselves haha

Anyways my parentals got the Seafood Platter for two ($120)

How good does it look?! In the platter there was freshly cooked lobster, steamed mussels, fried calamari, fried fish, fresh cooked and tempura king prawns, blue swimmer crab, oysters, chips and for some reason avocado and rockmelon. The crab meat was so sweet! And the lobster was so fresh! And of course my dad kept offering noods prawns even though he’s allergic lol

I decided on the Vongole and Crab Meat Pasta with Parmesan, Tomato and Pesto Sauce ($27.50)

It took me so long to decide on what to eat, usually when me and noods go out to eat somewhere expensive we try not to order the same thing and I was really undecided between this and what noods got but I’m glad I chose this because it was COVERED in parmesan goodness! And i didn’t know what vongoles were but apparently it was like a little clam? I like them much better than pipies which are a tad too chewy for me. And I have no idea where the pesto was but there was a whole mound of shredded crab meat throughout the pasta and I barely made it halfway!

Noods ordered the Blue Eye Cod Fillet with Smoked Salmon and Shallot Crushed Potato Cake ($29.50)

The fish was nice and soft but it just tasted like normal fish and chips but the potato cake was good with a nice crispy skin and warm potatoy innards.

I’m afraid we didn’t leave any room for dessert but we will be back! Maybe just for dessert! haha warm double chocolate pudding and sticky date pudding you have escaped my grasp but not for long!

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