Temasek restaurant

  20 April 2006

had lunch with noods and the parentals at Temasek (71 George St, Parramatta next to the Roxy).

featuring: my brother!

id been there the week before and my god was the service shocking! the lady at the front was grumpy as hell and wouldnt seat us for ages and the tables were squished together and it was very very cramped. we werent very impressed especially since this place has been rated pretty highly and some of the things we ordered tasted ordinary but very spicy. but on our return visit my dad made a point of befriending the head waiter dude which made a heck of a difference when it came to our rice and drink refills. the parentals ordered the lunch banquet menu for 4 ppl minus me and i cant realli comment if these were any good becos of my lack of chewing but noods gives it a thumbs up even tho it was so spicy lol

first up came the hainan chicken

followed by the lemongrass pork

and then the kangkung

and finally the best omelette in the world! the oyster omelette with chestnut flour!

mmm look at those globules of oysters… soft and juicy…

all up it was less than $60 for 5 ppl and i will be back again as soon as i can chew!

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