day out in the city

  21 April 2006

went to drop jane off to be fixed yesterday after lunch and me and noods ended up walking around aimlessly for a couple of hours when we stumbled on Bread Story (cnr Goulburn and Sussex st). i love looking at the weird creations all asian bakeries have and this place definitely lived up to expectations with weird names to go with their baked goods such as hi kitty and hero among the more normal names! the leaflet i stole boasted that they bake every 3hours which was certainly true when me and noods bought the durian puff onli to return for moreeee later.

by the way if you want your scrummy goods in a box it costs a dollar. uh huh a whole dollar but its worthwhile becos they look so pretty all snuggled in there dont you think? and also the cream wont get squished in the bag which is what happened on our first visit and encounterd the plastic bag…

in here we have durian puffs, a chocolate hero, a taro swirly thing and a peanut butter pastry. ive forgotten the names but will edit later when i find out.

i got hungry but wanted something nice and soft and unchewy and got my usual hot potato with extra garlic butter, lots of cheese and sour cream

we also made a pit stop at ichibanboshi for noods to get his chance at trying the tonkatsu ramen and it was every bit as good as Augustus Gloop said it was and more

ohhhh collagen you are soooo yummy but soooo fatty and bad for my heart…

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