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  17 November 2006

me and noods walked from kinokuniya to eat city (its a looong way if youre lugging around 2.5kg of laptop) but my determination for the pate meant we complained and whined and bitched until we arrived to be greeted by our favourite waiter david!

Organic Chicken Liver Pate soo good. sooooo goood.

and oooh a menu change! me and noods like menu changes because we (ok maybe mostly noods) like to try new things. our first dish/mains was Eat City Chamomile Cured Salmon and it was fantastic. the first bite was a little strange as my tastebuds identified the taste of tea but couldnt match it with eating salmon but it was a great combination and very refreshing with the beetroot creme fraiche

dont remember the exact name for this and its not on the website but i think it was roasted pork fillets? i didnt think much at first until i had a mouthful of crackling. OH. MY. GOD. i dont think theres any other flavour that tastes anywhere as good as to how pork crackling tastes

and of course my Wood Roasted Wagyu Beef mmm thick slices of velvety soft wagyu atop a slightly salty potato gratin covered in a mushroom redwine jus

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