rocks moonlight markets

  20 November 2006

the rocks markets by moonlight returns!

well, its an annual thing and onli for the month of november so make sure to visit next week. some peoples from work had mentioned they manned a store and sold pancakes and ribs and i was curious about how busy it was at night and if there was any other food stalls around (because im greedy and will eat anything that looks interesting)

ppl. when we arrived that area was packed with people drinking their beer and singing along to this dude… erm think it was daryl braithwaite?

anyways moving on i located the pancakes on the rocks stall, found pinky, nelson, anu, helen, peter and monir and my plea of ‘hey guys lemme take a foto’ meant the boys hiding and helen randomly pointing at the sky lol

me pancake. well, noods’ pancake. im afraid ive eaten a lifetime of pancakes by now.

oooh gozleme mmm

the lowenbrau stall had giant hotdogs!

me hotdoggy. the dude before us had a bigger sausage like it was hanging off the hotdog bun! but no worries becos we were full like stomach bulging full but the sausage was tasty and a lil spicy altho i dont think im a fan of the sauerkraut and some drunk chick comes up to us and goes dudeee is that sauerkaut and leans over as if shes going to pick it off the hotdog…

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