Rise Omakase- version 3

  28 November 2006

last sunday me and noods took our parentals out to Rise (23 Craigend St, Darlinghurst) for the Omakase (degustation menu). it was me and noods’ 3rd time and the parentals 2nd time.

the father unit really enjoyed it last time, scoffing the food as soon as it got to the table but he really liked the whole concept of a degustation menu with different dishes to try and the mothership likes prettily presented food (lol guess this is why i am the way i am) noods’ mom also came along before her tastebuds gets zapped from the chemo and because shes never had a degustation menu either. so now bring on the food!

haha i lied me drink is first and i cant remember what its name was but it had lychee and vodka in it

Spicy tuna tartare, softboiled egg and julianne salad. mmm i loooove soft boiled eggs and we couldnt figure out what the crunchy slivers were and found out it was dried egg!

Clear broth and fried tofu stuffed with calamari mince. the soup was piping hot and felt so good and cleansing like that feeling when you drink tea and the fried tofu was filled with squishy tasty meat


Fresh market sashimi. the salmon was definitely the highlight for me- meltingly soft and sweet, the kingfish was firm and had an interestingly salty dipping sauce and the oyster was so fresh it felt aliiiiiiive

Seasonal plate

Tofu with marinated shiitake mushroom.

Egg flan with baby corn and red curry sauce. my favourite on this plate the egg flan had the soft consistency of tofu fa and the curry sauce made it so tasty almost like laksa

Chicken spring roll with ponzu dipping sauce. spicy sauce! eee burning


Crispy paradise prawn with rice noodle ume and mentaiko vinaigrette. we were instructed to eat the prawn shell and head and all! i managed upto the eyes…


Chicken coconut-fricassee with green mash and spicy spinach puree. when i saw this on the menu i was like dude ‘green mash’ couldnt they have made it sound nicer? but this was an interesting dish the chicken was soft soft soft and i liked the idea of the garnishings held together by a slice of chilli


Honeydew melon mousse with watermelon granita. mmm the watermelon granita was so refreshing however i found the mousse a little too dense but the slice of dried mango was a nice touch

family units

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