malaysia day 1 lunch

  12 February 2007

by the time i came back from the airport it was about 5.30am and i was so tired i just fell asleep on my cousins couch (its a very comfy couch dude!) and then lunch time at a local coffee shop

yut kee (35, Jln Dang Wangi, KL)

kaya toast (RM1.8) aww i wanted mine pre spread for me (im not lazy AT ALL)

eggs! (RM2) haha i love me eggs! soft boiled! with pepper!

slice of kaya swiss roll (RM0.7)

wat tan hor fun (RM5) noodleys swimming in egg sauce

chicken chop (RM7) heh im so used to hearing ‘lamb chop’ or ‘pork chop’ i dont think ive ever heard of chicken chop lol onli in malaysia!

roti babi (RM7) kinda like a pork bread with pork, lapp cheong (chinese sausage), onions and i think there was crab encased in fluffy bread, coated with egg and lightly fried. heh almost like a savoury french toast mmm

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