malaysia day 1 dinner at Restoran Taiping Lang

  13 February 2007

in the 3 days i have been here i have managed to pick up the malaysian accent haha im also falling behind in posting all my fotos becos the my cousins laptop doesnt have an external mouse and it is quite hard resizing, cropping and watermarking images with touchpad…
anyways my parents are from taiping (which is about 45mins north of ipoh) and ever since we’ve been in KL all my dad talks about is the food oh the glorious food open until so late at night its morning already…

Restoran Taiping Lang (19-01 Jln Kenari 18B, B Puchong Jaya) has a tagline of ‘Where you can enjoy grandma’s cooking’ hee cute or not? there were 7 of us so we ordered set A and set B and a couple of other side dishes. all the sets are same price RM28 for 2ppl, RM38 for 3ppl and RM48 for 4 ppl and its quite possible i misnamed some of the dishes becos i wasnt paying attention lol

Bee Ba Special- Belly Pork stewed with special soy sauce

Achat Hu- Fried Fish pickled with ginger and tumeric

Chai Por Nooi- Omellete with preserved radish

Kali Kay- Chicken Curry

Ba Kian- Fried Pork Sausage Nyonya style

Kiam Chai Buey- Mixed vegetable stew

Sambal Hae Bi- Dried prawns with sambal salad

Hu Pau- Otak Otak fish mousse steamed

Lam Chiok- Nyonya salad with spicy sauce

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