malaysia day 1 snacks

  13 February 2007

mmm one of the best things about malaysia besides the clothes shopping is the variety of snack stores in the shopping malls!

hee Baoz so bright and cheerful looking

multiple baos

‘open sesame’ bao mmm black sesame goodness kinda like those round balls in sugar syrup uh tong yeun?

‘melting gold’ dudes if you like salted egg youll like this! a river of this stuff is packed away in bao [drools] liquid golden eggy so tasty so so tasty…

sentai cafe

teh tarik and some uberly sweet concoction of rose syrup and soda water?

heh check out this ice kachang! my mum loved this especially all the peanuts isnt it pretty? i want to make this into a tshirt print…

hee Paddyfield- ‘Pamper Your Stomach’

kaya pudding balls! 10 for RM2.50 they come piping hot so do NOT put the whole thing in your mouth you fools! lol i liked them theyre kinda like eating those hontou pancakes you get in chinatown, sydney but with kaya instead (noods your babies!)

pasar malan (market)

mmm giant wokfuls of noodley goodness

pohpiah. i would hate to get the pohpiah on the bottom of that pile…

drinks that are so fluro it makes you wonder whats in them… but theyre tasty! especially soybean mmm soybean…

lok lok steamboat kinda where you pick what you want to eat and dip, cook, and eat… hygiene is a bit dubious here haha but i guess so is all street food!

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