food blogger meetup with suyin

  15 February 2007

since I’ve started blogging, i have gotten to know some very interesting online foodbloggers lol my parents have always warned against meeting people I know online since you never know what sort of people are out there reading personal things about your life on your blog. but I trust my own judgement and will not meet up with simply anyone I know online unless ive had regular correspondance with them either by commenting on each others blogs or by email. heh so i met up with suyin from the journal of a girl who loves to cook for lunchies at Madam Kwans in the midvalley megamall

madam kwans is a cosy restaurant with an upmarket kopitiam feel its a pretty good place to try some local food without having to look at the sweating hawkers cooking your food lol

Nasi Bojari RM19.90 mmm the assam prawns was so tasty and hee lookit tricoloured rice!

Otak Otak RM16.30 this was interesting it was a lil spicy from me becos im a gwai loh haha but it was still good

Sago Gula Melaka RM5.30 at first there wasnt enough gula melaka so suyin told me to go crazy so i did and poured it all in and then it was too sweet heh my bad!

Banana Fritters with icecream RM9.80 MMM BANANA heh batter was so light and fresh and tasty mmm altho i wasnt a fan of the icecream… but the banana! i could eat 5 more!

Bubur Bubur Cha Cha RM5.90 lol im so used to eating all my desserts cold and my mum always telling me to heat it up but suyin also prefers desserts cold too so its good to know im not STRANGE or anything hehe

suyin and me lol its always an advantage when you have a local showing you around! suyin steered me clear of the pretty looking but apparently not so tasty kuehs, and the colourful and brightly lit restaurants that served food best eaten in sydney. anyways thanks for showing me around suyin!

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