22 March 2007

me and noods had an uber quick holiday in singapore for like 2 days haha and half the time was spent sitting on the very comfy coach (travel by Nice bus oh so comfy!). We stayed with my rellies and spent most of our time shopping on Orchard Rd the looong road where all shopping malls meet and produce more shopping malls!

haha the famous icecream sandwich vendors! the dudes here dont recommend the normal icecream cones so you have a choice of wafers or rainbow bread and instead of scoops of icecream he cuts a giant SLAB of icecream and for onli $2! hoho bargain!

mine. slab of durian icecream on rainbow bread and yes the other side of the sandwich had more colours lol

noods’. i cant for the life of me remember what flavour this was… but it was pink… haha

some random statues we saw on the way to see:

the MERLION! hee its a mermaid crossed with a lion!

but wait whats this? its a giant DURIAN!!! hoho

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