food blogger meet up with beverly

  25 March 2007

on the second day of the singapore trip me and noods met up with beverly from Food.Fashion.Ferrets whos from sydney too but also happened to be in singapore on holidays at the same time!

Fosters Cafe in Holland Village

Devonshire Tea $9 hoho so cheap! and while i was a tad disappointed that there wasnt any cakes or tarts i was pleasantly surprised at the oven hot fruit scones especially with the 2 extra tubs of fresh cream and jam we requested free of charge mmm cream…

noods the blokey bloke ordered the Carpetbag steak stuffed with OYSTERS $32 ergh doesnt that look so gross erghhhhhh

me and beverly. nice to finally meet you in person dude! hee and thanks for telling us about your ferrets we want one now! or two…

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