26 June 2007

noods had some leftover money floating around from his media budget so we decided to head off to towers and buy me a macro lens but the shopgirl talked me out of it haha so decided to go to jbhifi and blow all $400 on dvd box sets hoho i was excited. i love my teevee but then we walked past the wii and it was love at first sight!

the wii came with a sports pack hoho i get to beat up noods in boxing lol and we bought an extra controller becos 2 wii is better than 1… [coughs] we bought 3 extra games red steel because i wanted a gun game, cooking mama because i loved the ds version and rayman raving rabbids because the bunnies looked so cute!

while i love this game i can see how it can get boring after a couplea hours esp if youve played all the games on the ds i was hoping there would be more of a storyline or at least something to work towards instead of just cooking nonstop altho playing multiplayer is much more fun

rayman raving rabbids was an awesome choice the bunnies are so cute! the story behind the game is rayman is having a picnic with some of his globox friends but then these big toothed rabbits who want to take over the world kidnap rayman and his friends and rayman is then forced to entertain the masses of rabbids by performing lots of mini games. the mini games are pretty good but too bad theyre so short some of the mini games include slamming the doors of beach lavatories to keep the naughty bunnies from being exposed; hurling a an enormous cow by the tail, and squirting carrot juice into the masks of bunnies as they swim towards sea shore.

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