Lindt macarons vs Adriano Zumbo macarons

  28 May 2008

For me, the macaron craze started with roboppy, the girl with crazy descriptions and drool inducing pics that make me want to travel the world in search of the perfect macaron and so i bring to you the best macarons in sydney! For the record a macaron consists of a filling – sandwiched between two delicate meringue-like cookies. Macaroons are a more dense cookie most commonly made with coconut. I don’t care what Masterchef says! Pronounce it maca-rawn! And so in the first corner of fight club (the third rule of fight club is) we have Lindt:

Ah shiny pretty packaging you must be the reason why everything at Lindt is so expensive!

My babies!!! Look at them all nestled and safe in that there box (minus 2 cos i wanted a nibble and a nibble turned into chomps) hee aren’t they pretty? Pastel coloured hues of deliciousness! The macarons at Lindt are called Delice and are $1.95 each and cost 5c more if you dine in…

ah the piled macarons shot! Top row flavours: chocolate, strawberry, lime & ginger. bottom row: pistachio, lemon, champagne. There were a coupla flavours i didnt buy like the dark chocolate and i think there was coffee? eh my memory is sooo awesome bah. Out of the flavours i bought i would say my favourite macaron was the strawberry followed closely by the lemon which surprised me because usually i hate anything fruit flavoured and it was by chance that i bought 5 strawberry macarons because i thought they looked pretty… the passionfruit macaron is not in this foto because i was so angry that they ruined the perfect passsionfruit flavour by sandwiching passionfruit with chocolate ganache! i couldnt taste the passionfruit at all because the chocolate overpowered it. i wasnt a fan of champagne or the pistachio (not pistachio-y enough) but i will be back for more strawberry and lemon mmm

And finally in the right corner of fight club (you have to fight at fight club) we have Adriano Zumbo (296 Darling Street, Balmain). This patisserier has caused quite a stir on the food blogosphere and i have been evilly plotting what markets are on which weekends to fulfil my cake starved stomach and finally at long last!

The macarons they are so very pretty, if slightly random shaped and a whole 15c cheaper than Lindt! The 4 flavours available were chocolate, passionfruit, mandarin and mint. The chocolate macaron the boy announced before depositing in my hand was too much like a brownie. i didnt argue as i saw more macarons in my future and hey i love brownies! The mint im afraid i wasnt too keen on for it wasnt quite as minty as i had hoped, not the artificial toothpaste minty which i hate, but a darker slight bitter mint. The mandarin flavour was very strong almost too strong but the passionfruit ah how it made me close my eyes for just a second to savour the unusual delicious pairing with yoghurt before reaching for a second and a third!

Wheely good ($6.50). And it is! laughed the countergirl. It’s gluten free the boy scoffed but i ignored him for i was drawn to this quirkily shaped cake. Maybe because it was round? Or maybe because of the macadamias and pistachios embedded in the white chocolate? Or the tiny chunks of sweet apricots and apples hidden within the layers of the pistachio dacquoise. Whatever it was i know i shall make the trek and return for this cake alone as my stomach didnt receive its fair portion when the boy kept sneaking crumbs off the plate!

Piste as she goes ($7.50). hee how can one not laugh at such a name! And look at the craftmanship of such a cake all those layers of effort and rice crispies sandwiched in between like a vein of gold hidden under topsoil Layers of chocolate mousse, cinnamon ganache and pistachio mousse.

But ah who wins the battle? The cakes at adriano zumbo have definitely won me over (lindt are a bit too heavy handed on the sugar) as for the macarons i guess ill need to do a lil more taste testing! i was saddened to see no tomato macaron but maybe next time there will be a new crazy flavour to try mmm i cant wait!

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