wilton 3d cupcake pan

  29 May 2008

so i saw this awesome giant cupcake pan and i HAD to get it edit: i saw this cupcake pan on a u.s blog and spent ages looking for an aussie supplier. i usually buy my cake pans from Cake Deco but i just happened to find the pan on ebay from the EXACT same company using an ebay store! and half the things i bought from them were cheaper! bah go forth kids! Cake Deco Ebay check back every now and then cos atm the cupcake pan aint there

ive attempted creating a giant cupcake by carving a cake which kinda didnt work out cos the crumbs went everywhere so thought id give this a go… ready?

grease the pan with HEAPS of cooking oil or your cake will become stuck and youll lose the details.

i was reading some forums where ppl have said the top bit of the cupcake bakes faster than the bottom because its smaller and theres less batter in there so i put another pan half filled with water under the lid

level the cakes…

dig a hole…

and fill with cream! mmm cream and i chucked in some mango and peach

heh reassemble

and ice away! i let the base un-iced so you could see the details of the ridges lol this pan is awesome and ill most likely use it to make jelly too…

3 thoughts on “wilton 3d cupcake pan”
  1. Tiffany English says:

    I have a hard time getting my cake to come out of the cupcake pan. I even have tried using the baking spray. Any suggestions

    1. Sam says:

      I use a baking spray with flour (usually PAM), and it works pretty well.

    2. Becky says:

      Use a mix of oil, criscoe, flour. Half cup of each. Blend together and ‘paint’ that mix on your pan, with a bbq brush. Comes out perfect every time.

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