wilton 3d cupcake pan

29 May 2008, 12:28

so i saw this awesome giant cupcake pan and i HAD to get it edit: i saw this cupcake pan on a u.s blog and spent ages looking for an aussie supplier. i usually buy my cake pans from Cake Deco but i just happened to find the pan on ebay from the EXACT same company using an ebay store! and half the things i bought from them were cheaper! bah go forth kids! Cake Deco Ebay check back every now and then cos atm the cupcake pan aint there

ive attempted creating a giant cupcake by carving a cake which kinda didnt work out cos the crumbs went everywhere so thought id give this a go… ready?

grease the pan with HEAPS of cooking oil or your cake will become stuck and youll lose the details.

i was reading some forums where ppl have said the top bit of the cupcake bakes faster than the bottom because its smaller and theres less batter in there so i put another pan half filled with water under the lid

level the cakes…

dig a hole…

and fill with cream! mmm cream and i chucked in some mango and peach

heh reassemble

and ice away! i let the base un-iced so you could see the details of the ridges lol this pan is awesome and ill most likely use it to make jelly too…



  1. Hi Suze,

    I love that Cupcake Pan. Where did you purchase it from?


    — Katherine    May 29, 06:10 PM    #

  2. That’s so cool! I’d love to see a photograph of the finished cupcake against something that we can measure its size with, just to emphasise how big it is. :)

    Katie    May 29, 06:35 PM    #

  3. I’ve just got that pan too! What cake recipe did you use? Was it the one that came with the tin? Cos mine didn’t turn out as nice as yours!

    — Mel    May 29, 06:49 PM    #

  4. this is damn cool! i miss your cupcakes!

    nadnut    May 29, 07:59 PM    #

  5. Looks so cool! Who are the lucky people who got to tuck in to it? You should’ve taken a picture of it next to a normal sized cupcake, for comparison! :)

    Y    May 29, 09:06 PM    #

  6. katherine: hey dude its cute hey! i got it off ebay ill edit my post to chuck up a link for ya =D
    katie: but alas we ate it! but the mix i used for the giant pan was enough for 24 normal sized cupcakes
    mel: i used a normal butter pound cake recipe cos i didnt realli trust the recipe that came with it hehe but yeah buttercake works best cos its denser
    nadnut: heh come for another visit dude!
    y: lol uni ppl ate half and then i gave the rest to the staff at rise aw no time for the normal sized cupcake comparison!

    — chocolatesuze    May 29, 10:55 PM    #

  7. Muahaha.. that must have tasted real good coz the Cream+Mango+Peaches sounds awfully delicious ;)

    — wye    May 29, 11:11 PM    #

  8. Suze you rock thanks so much. I’m of to ebay now… woohooo..

    — katherine    May 29, 11:37 PM    #

  9. Awww, dude! This looks awesome!

    Albany Jane    May 30, 12:26 AM    #

  10. oho that cone-like structure is the TOP! What a waste of the real top of the cupcake! To be honest I thought the ‘cone’ looked more like a nipple in the first picture….. lol hehe

    — Tammy    May 30, 02:40 PM    #

  11. That looks great. I’m going to try using mine again. I think they’re so much fun to decorate!

    Lorraine E    May 30, 08:25 PM    #

  12. You’ve inspired me to drag mine out…it’s still sitting in the cupboard unused!

    You did a fab job Suze!

    Kel    May 31, 10:14 AM    #

  13. wye: i love alll things with cream heh cream makes everything all good!
    katherine: ebay steals my money hehe
    albany jane: thanks dude!
    tammy: hahaha youre not the only one to think that dont worry!
    lorraine: get your husband to make one again he did a pretty good job!
    kel: thanks dude its heaps fun playing with new tins hehe

    — chocolatesuze    May 31, 11:15 PM    #

  14. Sounds and looks yummy! I know dat U said NO to cake orders, bt how bout a giant cupcake wid layered whipped cream and pineapple/peach fillings?

    Wd U do it? Wd it be enuff for 6-8 persons?

    — Choo Tweet    Jun 5, 01:23 PM    #

  15. choo tweet: lol um i dunno man cos i never charge enough cos i always think cakes shouldnt be expensive haha and then noods tells me im getting ripped off haha

    — chocolatesuze    Jun 5, 01:34 PM    #

  16. Hey! Cool photos! Love how you’ve demonstrated the building process here. I’m giving away one of these pans on my blog if anyone is interested.

    Wendy    Jun 21, 05:19 AM    #

  17. How many cake mixes, like is it 1 box , 2 boxes? does it take for the 3D Giant CupCake pan?
    Thank you

    — Diana    Dec 5, 11:24 PM    #

  18. wendy: thanks!
    diana: 2boxes

    — chocolatesuze    Dec 5, 11:31 PM    #

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