thanks amie!

  6 June 2008

a giant thank you to amie for this awesome tuna sushi pillow! ive been eyeing one from a japan store for ages but this is heaps better because i know its made with love =D

with my ipod video next to the pillow for size reference…

and because i received a truckload of dvds for my bday they no longer fit in my teeny tiny teevee cabinet

so i had to stack them against the wall hahaha stargate alone stacks up to my window-sill… lol teevee box sets that i have: stargate, atlantis, dark angel, buffy, dead zone, medium, lost, smallville, charmed, gilmore girls, e.r, prison break, house, firefly, heroes and im gonna buy dexter soon lol i dont even want to think about how much my collection adds up to…

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