the good food and wine show 2008

  21 June 2008

clad in our bright orange exhibitor shirts, the good food and wine show started early for us when we arrived at the convention centre in darling harbour early thurs to setup our stall

dodging forklifts and fellow exhibitors we started setting up our stall to the sounds of an over-excited announcer rehearsing the lines “and its gordon ramsaaaaay!”

me stall… there seemed to be a greater emphasis on the wine and alcohol stalls this year and with the free wine glass on arrival meant people were walking around rather sloshed and only interested in getting more sloshed…

at 10am the doors opened and the crowds streamed in. it soon became apparent people were only interested in the free samples bah! the day was brightened by a visit from the lovely helen who took some photos of me being ridiculous. heh. and crazy nat arrived soon after who scored us some fanbloodytastic truffle cheese not to mention the first of many colourful frozen daiquiris

and then noods arrived after work and his eyes lit up at the free beer and we found the yellowtail stall was awesome with their vinyl bar complete with headphones to listen to music, the kahlua stall with their free hand massages while sitting in basket chairs strung from the roof and the lowenbraus giant pot of salty pretzels was a beautiful sight to see

snacks from the show! a packet of sweet potato chips ($5), pink energy drink that tastes like nerds ($2), bagel crisps ($2), freenut butter and random chocolate and candy

a late dinner of a tart of unknown description from the cafe because the fancy schmancy restaurant closed earli.

so if youre into wines and beers this show will definitely be worth it for you. tix are $25 for adults and the show is on sat 21st 10am-6pm and sun 22nd 10am-5pm. if youre in the area come and have a chat and try some biscuits! if im not at the stall it could be becos im hiding under a table or something so ask whoevers manning the stall where i am lol


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