day 2&3 of the good food and wine show

  25 June 2008

day 1 of the good food and wine show totally buggered us because this year for the first time the organisers decided to do 2 sessions of the show- day and night, and the day session visitors were supposed to leave at 5pm so we stall owners could have a break and grab something decent for dinner instead of the junk food we’d no doubt been eating all day but of course the drunks paid no attention and kept wandering everywhere even hiding in the bathrooms to avoid paying! serves them right when someone got locked in hahahaha

sometimes i just really hate people that wont let me eat. you know? i get hungry!

i cant remember if this was a lunch or dinner but we ate at the Lindemans Early Harvest Restaurant where food was prepared by chefs including Ben O’Donoghue and Peter Evans. i got the Braised Pork Belly with Spiced Spaghetti in a Pork Sweet Onion Jus ($18). the line for this was the longest and stretched out past the entrance! i wonder if the other chefs felt sad their dishes werent as popular…

lol noods’ line was shorter than mine so it meant he got his food first and he sat at the table for a good 5mins pleading with his eyes to let him start eating before i took a foto while i was lining up hehe i didnt think he could eat so fast by the time my food arrived! and argh the menu on the good food website changed! and since i have such awesome memory skills all i can say was noods ordered a lamb shank ($18). on rice. with a side of naan bread. uh little help noods?

the bubbly beverly came to visit bringing along her other half mike chris congrats on the engagement dudes! and the lovely jenny came by bringing along a slightly intoxicated justin heh heh thanks to all the lurkers who visited too! kat did you start on the jams yet? and my mum said she was speaking to someone who congratulated her on my engagement and that was the exact moment i woke up from my nap under the table aww sorry i couldnt meet you dude

something to keep my sugar levels up: a cup of creamy melty milk chocolate from adora ($2)

i didnt go to any of the gordan ramsay shows. it felt like i did tho cos our stall was so close to the theatre that i wanted to punch the announcer every time he screams and its goooordaaan raaamsaaay! eh. anyways i thought this post wouldnt be complete without a shot of his head at the book signing

and then wally rocked up and off he and noods went in search of free wine samples. and whiskey samples. and vodka samples. and kahlua samples. and anything alcoholic they could get their hands on lol

lol noods is lopsided

day 3 started with a quick detour to the zumbo land (excuse the crappy shots i took them in the car with noods seemingly intent on driving in all the potholes and swerving around the roundabouts…) after having a dream about the passionfruit and yoghurt macarons but alas it was not meant to be!

instead a speckled bright blue macaron stared at me snug in its display case and it was so pretty! like the outside of quail egg! but blue… it was a blueberry and lavender concoction that i had hoped was more blueberry than lavender but no there was much lavender and it felt like i was eating air freshener hmph

but this! behold the wagon wheel! a gourmet take on the classic it comprised of 2 macarons sandwiching a disc of spongey soft marshmallow with a dollop of jam in its centre and enrobed in chocolate. enrobed! doesnt that just make you think happy thoughts?

hungry for some steak we walked up cockle bay wharf and into i’m angus where the heady steaky charcoaly scent made us drool

Ribeye Steak 350g ($36). it’s our first visit to im angus and while the price of my steak did make me wince i know i would definitely come back and eat this steak again it was fanbloodytastic mate! cooked to a perfect medium rare and well rested on a bed of smooth buttery mash i was incredibly happy and spent the rest of the day chanting steak steak steak!

Kangaroo Fillet ($29.50). of course noods had to get the kangaroo. he finished it pretty quickly so i reckon if they add another piece of roo and increase the price itd feel like more value?

and because i know how you all love a photo of me holding knives…

our haul from the end of the day! discounted free range chicken from lilydale, batlow apple juice, bottles of soy sauce and chilli, turkish delight, cans of pink (sooo delish), discounted fetta and labna cheese and when everyone was closing we scored FREE bottles of lemon lime and bitters, free milk, free crabmeat, free yoghurt, free gourmet garden herbs and sauces. and a giant thank you to stan for feeding my parents! and for the beers heh

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