degustation dinner at euro lounge

26 September 2008, 22:17

it was the boy and i 7year anniversary yesterday and to celebrate we went to Euro Lounge (Shop 21, the Piazza Castle Towers Old Northern Rd, Castle hill) for their degustation menu ($82.50)


the duck consomme tasted like 100 ducks had given up their lives to be a part of the extremely fragrant liquid to warm my hungry soul

Modern “vitello tomato”, duo of roasted veal & tuna tartare with crispy baby capers & truffle vinaigrette. Loved LOVED this take on the vitello tomato with the melt in the mouth diced tuna and the slices of tender veal and omg the crispy deepfried capers covered in the heady truffle vinaigrette were so very moreish

Lobster & prawn ravioli with spinach, tomato concasse and champagne veloute. i turned into a ravioli convert after eating this- soft noodley parcels hiding lobster and prawn chunks and covered in a buttery, creamy sauce topped with the salty goodness that is the miracle of cheese

Ravioli of braised lamb with Spanish chorizo & mint. noods missed out on my ravioli because of the prawn so this was his substitute and i have to say it was almost as awesome as my dish… so much so that i ended up stealing forkfuls whenever he wasnt looking because the lamb innards were so tender and tasty

Twice cooked pork belly “Majorcan art” served with sautéed apricots, jamon patata bravas & marsala sauce. i was a little disappointed the crackling wasnt very crispy but oh the pork belly, my second favourite part of the animal (you know, after the skin heh) was delicious and packed full of melty fatty goodness

Rare roasted venison with a risotto of forest mushrooms & flash fried leek. heh we got a special bonus course courtesy of super chef alex and i reckon this was my 2nd favourite course (fav was the main). The venison was tasty but the risotto was freaking awesome! Cooked perfectly to al dente it did indeed taste like a forest of mushrooms had been culled just to make that risotto so tasty

Gin, lemon & mint granita. the palate cleanser was refreshing and provided a much needed break between the foods. the boy and i were pretty surprised at the size of the granita but we loved it especially the candied lemon rinds (hee see our banner on the table?)

Pan roasted Grimaud duck breast, sauteed green beans, potato pearls & hazelnuts served with a honey and sherry sauce. There were two options for the ‘main’ and im always a sucker for duck and look at that beauty! Fat strips of juicy ducky with crispy skin mmm and i was super happy it wasnt in an orange sauce cos i hate duck and orange sauce lol

Grain fed fillet rested on wilted spinach, crushed kipfler potato served with morel mushroom sauce. By this stage noods was clutching his stomach but he said his beef was tops

Belgium chocolate tart with blood orange gelato & chocolate sauce. So so rich but not to worry this is where your emergency second stomach comes out to play and soon youll find the plate licked clean heh

We had to take away our petit fours because we were just too full bah fail! a giant thank you to the staff at euro lounge for the awesome service, our customised table complete with banner and confetti, and of course for the fantastic food. we loved everything and hope to come back realllll soon =D

happy anniversary noods! i <3 you!



  1. happy anniversary love! i love you :)

    — noods    Sep 26, 11:07 PM    #

  2. Happy Anniversary dudes! Usually i would make some sort of comment that would go something like ‘get engaged/married already’ but as we all know that’s already happening (yay!).

    Anyway i used to like duck until one got up and out of the water and started to cuddle with me at lane cove national park. Now i can’t eat them. They’re like friends.

    — marj    Sep 28, 08:10 PM    #

  3. wow wow wow.. I can’t believe you had all of that to eat! no wonder you had to take away the petit fours.

    Linda    Sep 29, 06:02 PM    #

  4. That chocolate cake looks sooooo rich. And that venison looks amazing.

    And ooOOOOooo, look at Noods and his new shirt!

    — Fiona    Sep 29, 06:25 PM    #

  5. Happy Anniversary to Chocolatesuze and Noods :)

    elinluv    Sep 30, 02:31 PM    #

  6. OMG. That looks like a HUGE degustation..I admire your courage and fortitude in representing the foodie massive.


    melissa    Oct 1, 03:23 PM    #

  7. if it takes 100 ducks to make one truly satisfied..perhaps that would be a reasonably trade off :)

    Happy Anni you two…

    D    Oct 2, 12:25 PM    #

  8. noods: =D
    marj: heh we should start asking about when you and daniel are tying the knot!
    linda: i know! we failed! heh we’ve never had to take away food from degustations!
    fiona: lol so you liked his makeover?
    elinluv: thanks dude!
    melissa: heh the portions were huge!
    d: thank you! yeah the ducks went to a happy place heh

    — chocolatesuze    Oct 2, 07:23 PM    #

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