Menya Godzilla Challenge, Haymarket

  11 November 2008

Edit: Menya no longer does this challenge Menya (Shop TG8, 8 Quay Street, Haymarket) is home to the giant bowls of ramen and to the famed godzilla challege. the boy has been psyched the past month having mini challenges of 2x menya ramen in 15mins for lunch and then feeling nauseous haha

over four times the portion of a menya ramen- over 2kgs the sign exclaims and all for the low low price of $29.90! if you finish the bowl in under 30mins it is free and youve earnt a photo on the wall of fame

the boys line up glasses of water in anticipation. wally was the only challenger game enough to attempt the godzilla with noods. funnily enough they asked the boys to move to the table by the wall i think in case we ate their food lol

and heres the giant bowl of noodles! they opted for the soy based soup over the tonkotsu because they knew that even tho the fatty tonkotsu soup was tastier it was definitely more salty and more filling than the soy based

noods looking slightly scared

the bowl is bigger than his head…

the boys before they begin. they didnt start right away and waited for the noodles to cool down a bit before the waitress started timing them

cleverly they both asked for bowls (at which the waitress replied with ok but you cant share) and noods seemed to have much fun making a mess and dumping out the noodles into the smaller bowls before it could absorb the soup

the supporters cheering them along

fiona and i run outside and snap some fotos of them from the window above

but oh no wally is first to crack!

and noods is struggling


lol sadly wally is a massive fail with what looks like half the godzilla bowl of ramen left

and noods we declare an awesome fail with just one bowl of ramen left

the laminated warning they had to read before attempting the challenge- “please stop eating if you are experiencing dizziness or nausea. If you do, please let the staff know straight away. We take no responsibility for any adverse health effects that results from consuming this product” haha they wont be attempting the challenge for a while but theres always next time… and other restaurants =P

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