Taste of Sydney Media Launch

  9 February 2009

It looks like being a food blogger is finally paying off! I received an invite to the Taste of Sydney Media Launch from Prue at Mint Partners and did a happy dance. The Taste of Sydney Festival is coming to Centennial Park this March 12th-15th and features some of the city’s top restaurants including Bécasse, Bird Cow Fish, Longrain and Sailors Thai. The launch was also attended by Sydney food bloggers Helen, Lorraine, Billy, Lisa, Minh and Mel so hop on over to check out their pics and reviews. I haven’t posted all the photos as I’m sure you’ve seen them on everyone’s blogs. Also, a giant thank you to Christie for organising our tix!

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Longrain – Spicy pork sausage betel leaves & pickled ginger, Chef: Martin Boetz. Very pretty presentation and gorgeous flavours

Centennial Parklands Dining – Beetroot Macaroon with foie gras, Chef: Mark Best. As soon as this plate emerged from the kitchen all the girls would squeal hehe the texture was nothing like a biscuit instead it was soft and spongy and the foie gras mousse was light and creamy

Restaurant Assiette – Sydney Rock Oyster with Vietnamese dressing, crispy shallots and baby coriander, Chef: Warren Turnbull.

Ottoman Cuisine – Etli Borek – crisp home made filo rolls filled with braised veal shank, currants & pine-nuts, served with pomegranate and yoghurt sauce, Chef: Serif Kaya. The waiter holding the tray teased us when we were taking photos and said it was snake but it backfired when we foodbloggers try (nearly) everything and excitedly reached for them

Bird Cow Fish – Celeriac and smoked trout remoulade with ocean trout roe, Chef: Alex Herbert. I LOVE ocean trout roe! Little globes of salty goodness!

Becasse & Etch – Mini organic grass fed wagyu burger, Chef: Justin North.

A question that seems to get asked alot is whether food bloggers compete and fight against each other lol the answer is no but we will fight to the death over the last dessert…

Civic Dining – Double chocolate hazelnut baklava, Chef: Peter Conistis.

Jonah’s at Whale Beach – Mini vanilla panna cotta with pomegranate molasses and lavender honey, Chef: George Francisco. The favourite of the night aka the wobbly boobie! The waiter took great delight in shaking the tray so the pannacottas all jiggled and swayed in every direction heh it provided much amusement for the rest of the event. And yes it was delicious.

Billy playing with his wobbly boobie

heh heh a video of the wobbly pannacotta!

The Taste of Sydney festival will be held at the Brazilian Gardens, off Grand Drive, Centennial Park on the 12th-15th March 2009.

Opening times:
Thursday 12th March – 5pm-9pm
Friday 13th March – 11:30am-3:30pm & 5pm-9pm
Saturday 14th March – 11:30am-3:30pm & 5pm-9pm
Sunday 15th March – 12pm-5pm
For more information see their website.

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