Lowenbrau Keller, The Rocks

  5 March 2009


Lowenbrau Keller (Corner of Playfair & Argyle St, The Rocks) is my happy place and the first restaurant i take all overseas visitors to eat. Lowenbrau is Sydney’s most famous Bavarian restaurant, famed for their waiters in lederhosen and waitresses in low cut traditional dresses but most of all for their fabulous pork knuckles! armed with my we love sydney card there is a 2 for 1 offer which sadly expires in march so i decided to see how many times i could eat pork knuckle in one week with different food bloggers…

Lowenbrau Visit Number 1 sees me, the boy and Helen having a late lunch after a chocolate breakfast starting with mango biers and a dark wheat bier

Bretzel, Home baked Pretzel – Oven fresh Bavarian speciality ($3) arrives warm and flecked with salt crystals

MAH PORK KNUCKLE!!! the Schweinshaxn- Oven Roasted Pork Knuckle with Sauerkraut, Löwenbräu Bier and Mashed Potato ($29-$31 i cant remember the price eep) look at him sitting there in all his crackly beauty! isn’t it just a glorious sight with its golden knife shattering crispy skin and soft porky innards sitting atop a mound of buttery mash and a side of sauerrkraut.

that ain’t a knife… lol it is tradition for me to take a foto holding a knife at lowenbrau…

Lowenbrau Visit Number 2 is with Karen and less than 100m away sits my parental units + friend who are also making use of my welovesydney card haha

pork knuckle #2!



Lowenbrau Visit Number 3 turned out to be an impromptu super last minute foodbloggers meetup with Shez, FFichiban, Adam, Daphne, Betty and Richard and Trina

pork knuckle #3! richard, adam, trina and i had immediately decided on the pork knuckle within 10sec of sitting down hehe

i stab you!

Shez’s Knuspriger Schweinebauch- Crackling Roast Pork Belly with Löwenbräu Bier Sauce, Sautéed Potatoes & Red Cabbage

ffichiban’s Schlachtplatte: Löwenbräu’s Selection of Bavarian Specialities– Sausages, Chicken Schnitzel, Roast Pork Belly Served with Mashed Potato and Sauerkraut. the plate is humongous and prolly best shared with a friend =P

Daphne’s Kalbsschnitzel “Wiener Art” Milk-fed Veal Schnitzel with Cranberry Compote and Fries

Betty is the lone vegetarian and orders the Allgäuer Käsespätzle- Baked Cheese Spätzle (fresh home made Bavarian Pasta) with Melted Onions

Side Salad that came with the pasta

hehe back shot! [last image from betty’s camera + tripod] twas lovely to meet everyone! now to give my heart a little rest before returning for more crackling…

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