Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe, The Rocks

  8 March 2009

after a lunch of pork knuckle what better place to fill the dessert section of your stomach than Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe (91 George St, The Rocks)? Less than 200m away the cafe is the perfect distance to stumble from Lowenbrau to chocolate heaven.

Karen ordered the Guylian Dark Chocolate shake ($9) and I ordered the Guylian Praline shake ($9). thanks to my awesome non-note taking memory i cant remember all the prices or the names of everything and the Guylian website is SUCH a fail.

Icecream taste pallet ($14). i was expecting a wooden board holding cups or shots of icecream hmm i was quite sad that it was served on a normal plate… left to right the flavours were vanilla, praline, espresso and chocolate. my fav was definitely the praline followed closely by the espresso.

karen’s passionfruit cake. she liked it. um. it was passionfruity.

chocolatesuze shot!

visit #2 after pork knuckle #3 hehe Betty and Richard’s 100% Pure Pleasure

FFichiban’s creme brulee + biscotti

Trina’s cake

Shez and i decided to split the Belgian Waffle + fruits and Guylian chocolate dip ($18). her reasoning for getting the fruits was so they would balance the sweetness with the sourness…

chocolate covered waffle mmm

lol i like knives [pic from betty]

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