melb part 1

23 March 2009, 23:33

so the brother unit had to test out this gps thing for work where basically he goes to diff cities in aus and drives around and takes notes and stuff. the mothership went with him to brisvegas, the fathership to perth and i to melbourne- city of trams, crazy hook turns and fabulous food!

but first i had to endure plane food. theres something about plane food that i quite enjoy. not so much the taste but more the breaking up of journey. we economy class passengers had the choice of the sandwich OR AN APPLE. seriously we couldnt have both we had to choose! the sandwich label read ‘beef, cucumber & dijonnaise on wholewheat bread’. what they failed to mention was the ‘cucumber’ were PICKLES yeuch at least there was cheese in it which ya know was weird since it wasnt on the label… meh FAIL

the brother unit had a different flight from me which was delayed so i consoled myself at gloria jeans with a cup of hot chocolate and the most awesomest gingerbread i have ever eaten! seriously it was so delicious! figures that it was made in melb and that i could hardly find any gloria jeans so before coming back to syd i walked thru 3 terminals just to return to the same gloria jeans to buy a supply of gingerbread hmm that’s dedication no?

we stayed in st kilda about 1 street away from luna park. yes im so tiny in this photo and i knew i couldnt be seen so i was happily scoffing my gelato

the days were spent driving up and down 4 main roads in certain time frames which meant no time to go shopping or eating which was ok cos i am poor haha

my diy falafel pocket from the falafel kitchen. i didnt put enough garlic sauce but it was still tasty. and healthy. so healthy i had to buy some cake for later =P

and driving thru random streets we came across this random graffiti on a building near some train lines at clifton hill. decided to chance taking jumping shots and run screaming when the boom gates went clang clang and started lowering haha i promise we werent being stupid and waited sensibly behind the gates while the train passed

and some more random graffiti!

burger time!

om nom nom. yeah that burger was huge. i made it about 3/4 of the way thru before feeling burgered out. and then turned to cake heh but that will be for the next post =P



  1. omg what happened to the poor gingerbread man’s legs?!

    that’s an amazing jumping shot btw. burnt off most of your lunch surely! and lol at your burger shot

    ps. can’t believe you had to choose between a sandwich and an apple!

    Helen    Mar 24, 12:26 AM    #

  2. LOL love the jump – looks like the gingerbread man! You’re legs look so um flexible :p
    And there’s the trademark pose again :)

    I LOVE Melbourne to death!

    Karen    Mar 24, 12:37 AM    #

  3. Airplane sandwich or apple. Tough choice…

    Why am I not surprised you went back to stockpike gingy? :)

    The whole jumping thing is the kind of crazy thing that my sister would want me to shoot. Thing is though, where is the Toyota?

    Ooo… Can’t wait for the next post!

    Simon    Mar 24, 12:53 AM    #

  4. That burger looked AWESOME!

    — BethieofVA    Mar 24, 03:41 AM    #

  5. I love your work! Nice photos of our graffiti down here. You get sick of it when you see it every day though.

    Looking forward to the cake post!

    Iron Chef Shellie    Mar 24, 08:35 AM    #

  6. ahhhh! numberplatey goodness :) where’s that?

    shez    Mar 24, 08:46 AM    #

  7. oh what a feeling! You can work for Toyota ad with that jump!

    billy@ATFT    Mar 24, 10:17 AM    #

  8. I love the creative graffiti all over Melbourne. It seems more street art than the usual tags we get scrawled on our walls. Love that jumping shot too!

    Forager    Mar 24, 10:46 AM    #

  9. I can’t believe you couldn’t finish it! That must be a first :)

    Christie @ Fig & Cherry    Mar 24, 02:45 PM    #

  10. I love that pic of you jumping! It’s fab!

    Reemski    Mar 24, 03:40 PM    #

  11. ahhhhh, I want a Gloria Jeans gingerbread man NOW, are you SURE you can’t get them in Sydney? Fabbo pics!

    Moya    Mar 24, 10:19 PM    #

  12. HAHA Awesome gingerbread man! He can do the splits!! Nice jump shot too :P and yay for burger mmmm

    FFichiban    Mar 25, 12:27 AM    #

  13. If you lay the gingerbread horizontally it kinda looks a bit like an aeroplane, no?

    — Marj    Mar 26, 08:07 PM    #

  14. helen: heh yeah the gingerbread is shaped funny prolly to reduce the likelihood of legs and arms snapping off =P lol im sure the cars at the crossing were laughing as i kept jumping around!
    karen: haha yeah i shouldve tried the normal star jump but i was having too much fun lol
    simon: i wanted the apple! but i was so hungry i ended up with the sandwich bah
    bethieofva: oh it was! but not enough cheese heh
    iron chef shellie: yeah at least your grafiti is entertaining to look at all we get in syd are tags
    shez: eeep i forgot the shop name but it was on acland st
    billy: heh toyota pr contact me!
    forager: i agree! tags are boring to look at! its so sad riding on the trains and seeing so much uglyness
    christie: heh i can finish desserts but usually not savory stuff
    reemski: lol thanks dude!
    moya: yeah they were made in melb lol i googled the address hehe
    ffichiban: lol gingerbread man was so tasty!
    marj: or you do what noods did and bite off the arms and he turns into…

    — chocolatesuze    Mar 27, 05:50 PM    #

  15. There’s just nothing funnier then “the choice of the sandwich OR AN APPLE. “ I can totally relate my dear

    — Nat    Mar 29, 12:14 AM    #

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