lean cuisine open house

  23 April 2009

i was taking a little walk down bathurst st when i happened upon some balloons so bright and cheerful they were

a quick glance into the window and i spy the familiar logos of Lean Cuisine. oh! i’ve stumbled upon the Open House without realising! i snap a quick photo not wanting to disturb them when suddenly the lovely fiona pops up and suddenly im inside

three aussie women- estella, joanne and emma, are ‘living’ in the lean cuisine open house (95 bathurst st, cbd) for one week and are undergoing a complete life haul. their days are pretty full on and packed with workshops like image, nutrition and even dream interpretation! i loved the bright colours inside the house with the fluffy rugs and super soft sofas

the lean cuisine meals are prepared for them and are eaten in the dining area set up near the window. the girls don’t actually sleep there but they head around the corner to a hotel at 10pm and have to be back by 7.30am the next day 0_0

and a pic with me and the girls and the lovely nutritionist, penny small who quite happily proclaims her love for twitter heh heh

but then i had to run off to lindt to meet the awesome belle and lene for some opera cake and a hot chocolate =P

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