mario mushroom rainbow cake for FFichiban

24 April 2009, 00:36

it was FFichiban’s birthday a while back and i was determined to make him a mario mushroom cake but with the added bonus of rainbow innards!

woohoo rainbow innards! this is ffichibans pic cos i was unable to chop inside and sneak a peek at the cakes innards but woo swirls! i was inspired by the awesome omnomicon

want a super basic guide? make your cake batter. divide into 4 bowls or however many colours you want

heh lurid! i used food colouring gels for the red, blue and green. yellow was a bit runny becos i didnt have yellow gel and used normal food colouring liquid.

now dollop your colours! it works much better in a normal circle cake tin but i like making life difficult for me and used a cupcake shaped pan which i turned into mushroom later. he turned out wonky cos the tin sloped a bit and the colours ran

while your cake is baking take a pretty photo of the colourful spoons and bowls

i had some batter left over and made a coupla cupcakes too

heh heh he’s a bit ugly after i tipped him outta the tin and got a little broken in the middle but not to worry i’ll be covering him in delicious icing!


(ffichiban’s image) hee slices of swirlys!

(ffichiban’s image) and a very sexy shot of my swirly cupcakes! topped with peanut butter and chocolate buttercream mmm hope you like the cakeage dude!

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  1. HEE HEE so much awesssoommmeee ^^! THXXXX so muucchhh whheeeeee XD pity I didn’t get day shots of the cake but they were all sooo tasttyy mmmm You should have tried some yoursellff!

    FFichiban    Apr 24, 01:02 AM    #

  2. you star!! i heart!!

    bowb    Apr 24, 01:18 AM    #

  3. omg you weren’t joking when you said you were going for a crazy rainbow! it looks amazing inside – technicolour rainbow!

    Helen    Apr 24, 01:39 AM    #

  4. OMG! I thought something was wrong with my monitor’s color contrast. I think it is pretty freaking cool. I might have to borrow that trick for my son’s upcoming 4th birthday!! Psychedelic Thomas the Tank Engine!!

    — bethieofVA    Apr 24, 04:55 AM    #

  5. Ahh, that explains the cupcakes and how you’d gotten the mushroom shape! I’d always through that you’d cut it to size.

    Great work! :)

    Simon    Apr 24, 06:43 AM    #

  6. That. Is. So. AMAZING! Ffichiban is so lucky! And I want to steal your cake tin, argh it’s so cute!

    Steph    Apr 24, 08:11 AM    #

  7. TEE FFichiban is one lucky guy! I feel like making one with really white icing now, trying to think what events I have in the future that I can make it for!

    Chris    Apr 24, 09:31 AM    #

  8. Ooh love the swirls!

    Trisha    Apr 24, 09:49 AM    #

  9. Wooow! so love the cake.
    I’m a fan of super mario since i was a kid.

    karissa    Apr 24, 10:05 AM    #

  10. wow. that is amazing! the colours are crazy! good work :)

    Betty    Apr 24, 11:34 AM    #

  11. I looove the colours and swirls. It looks so excellent outside and inside, and its cool that you were able to keep the colours so separate – they’re so pretty and vivid! Gorgeous :)

    Linda    Apr 24, 03:21 PM    #

  12. I thought FFichiban had enhanced the colours in his photos. Now I see that the cake actually was that bright! Well done!

    Belle    Apr 24, 08:01 PM    #

  13. That’s awesome! Loving the colours:) Where did you get the mushroom tin from? I wanna get one a giant strawberry shaped one lol.

    Miss Honey    Apr 24, 10:44 PM    #

  14. Psychedelic cake, man…!

    Tina    Apr 25, 12:55 AM    #

  15. Where did you get the gel colours? I found Wilton gel colours 8 packs, but it’s too expensive at price tag $47.

    lilia    Apr 25, 12:01 PM    #

  16. The cake is so cute! Cool idea to go with the psychedelic colours inside. hehe I love that shot of the cupcakes too. They look gorgeous.

    foodie-central    Apr 25, 12:42 PM    #

  17. Wow, the colours are really vibrant! :)

    — Lene    Apr 25, 12:45 PM    #

  18. this looks fantastic! this rainbow lover wants some!

    nadnut    Apr 26, 08:51 AM    #

  19. i love this cake! and where do you find all these cupcake pans?!

    panda    Apr 26, 06:30 PM    #

  20. ffichiban: lol well, i was supposed to try it at dinner heh heh
    bowb: aw thanks! make one for the kid!
    helen: me? joke about colours? hehehe is it lurid enough for ya =P
    bethieofva: ooh thomas! that sounds fab! im sure your son will love it!
    simon: thanks! heh too much effort cutting cake into shape so i love cake tins that can be used for other designs
    steph: heh thanks dude you can buy the tin from
    chris: lol just make it for the hell of it! no need to have an occasion for cake =P
    trisha: thanks! pretty crazy hey!
    karissa: me too! you should see my room ive got so many mario plush toys lol
    betty: thanks! i like brightly coloured things heh
    linda: aw thanks dude! it was fun to make!
    belle: he did play around in photoshop and might have gone a little crazy on the colour adjust lol
    miss honey: thanks! i got my tin from
    tina: heh it makes me dizzy if i stare too long!
    lilia: gel colours are concentrated food colourings that are heaps better than the water type from supermarkets. wiltons is a pretty good brand and $47 for 8 is actually a pretty good deal!
    foodie-central: aw thanks dude! i wanted a hidden surprise heh
    lene: thanks! it sure does stand out hey!
    nadnut: heh heh come to sydney and ill make it for ya!
    panda: or try ebay for some nice cheap ones?

    — chocolatesuze    Apr 27, 02:39 AM    #

  21. Been lurking for a long time but just had to tell you how beautiful I thought your cake was. I am definitely going to try this.

    tlieso    Apr 29, 09:22 PM    #

  22. Your cake is wonderful — I’ve tried searching for something artsy — I typed in graffiti cakes, modern art, etc. and thankfully, entered psychedelic. Can’t wait to try it next week for my son’s birthday. Thanks for sharing!

    — nohogal    May 17, 02:01 PM    #

  23. Aaahhh….how funky are those!!! I’m getting food coloring now…

    Amrita    May 28, 04:17 PM    #

  24. Hi Suze – just stumbled upon your blog and loving it! I’m a Sydneysider at heart (on sojourn in London for a couple of years) so who knows, my foodblog might end up back in Sydney one day. Your swirly cupcakes look delicious! and happy birthday :)

    catty    Jun 19, 02:26 AM    #

  25. THAT IS AWESOME!! Absolutely love it, I definitely think that I’m going to be doing this for my birthday! could you email me on where you got the cake base that’s shaped like the mushroom? Please & thank you!!

    Shell    Sep 27, 05:18 PM    #

  26. I saw this like last year & I still remember it! Still love your blog suzee :) told my followers to start reading your blog too!

    Mishell    Jan 14, 06:25 PM    #

  27. tlieso: thanks dude!
    nohogal: thank you hope you son’s cake turns out awesome!
    amrita: hehe have fun!
    catty: dude i love your videos!
    shell: thanks dude the tin was from
    mishell: aw shucks dude! glad you like!

    — chocolatesuze    Jan 15, 01:01 AM    #

  28. I’m going to try it!

    — Kelly    Jun 19, 07:25 AM    #

  29. amazing. Mss5 would love it.

    the hungry mum    Aug 30, 07:33 PM    #

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