mario mushroom rainbow cake for FFichiban

  23 April 2009

It was FFichiban’s birthday a while back and I was determined to make him a mario mushroom cake but with the added bonus of rainbow innards!

Woohoo rainbow innards! This is ffichibans pic cos I was unable to chop inside and sneak a peek at the cakes innards but woo swirls! I was inspired by the awesome omnomicon

Want a super basic guide? Make your cake batter. Divide into 4 bowls or however many colours you want

Heh lurid! I used food colouring gels for the red, blue and green. Yellow was a bit runny becos I didn’t have yellow gel and used normal food colouring liquid.

Now dollop your colours! It works much better in a normal circle cake tin but I like making life difficult for me and used a cupcake shaped pan which I turned into mushroom later. He turned out wonky cos the tin sloped a bit and the colours ran

While your cake is baking take a pretty photo of the colourful spoons and bowls

I had some batter left over and made a coupla cupcakes too

Heh heh he’s a bit ugly after I tipped him outta the tin and got a little broken in the middle but not to worry I’ll be covering him in delicious icing!


(ffichiban’s image) hee slices of swirlys!

(ffichiban’s image) and a very sexy shot of my swirly cupcakes! Topped with peanut butter and chocolate buttercream mmm hope you like the cakeage dude!

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