28 April 2009

heh yeah super late but i wanted to post this pic of me and the easter bunny. i had to wait and battle the hordes of children who were ignoring the happy waves of mr bunny and instead were pawing at the girl accompanying mr bunny with a basket of chocolate eggs.

my new buys from diva- donut and cupcake earrings and a gingerbread man necklace. my food related jewellery is fast outnumbering my ‘normal’ jewellery

gingerbread babies! found these in coles for the bargain price of $3.15 and they were like mini gingerbread men they were!

been craving yoghurt since the easter show and bough a 6pack of yoplait but wait look at the flavours! apple tart, lemon meringue, vanilla cheesecake!

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