deep fried mars bar

  29 April 2009

yeah i dunno why my blog has been down all day damn you unlimited space (my server)!!! and gah it ate my post! i deliberately stayed up to write that last night! grr hiss! btw have you guys been watching masterchef? it’s on every day this week 7pm-8pm on channel 10. ive started a chat room but atm it’s sadly limited to only 5 ppl in the room unless i pay to upgrade my subscription hmm anyone know a free live chat website? that can be personalised with own url? email me!

so anyways i was craving hot chips the other day so went to the local corner shop (is it just me or are the corner shops a dying breed?) and lo and behold i saw a sign advertising deep fried mars bars!

mmm batter coated mars bar and then deepfried! the nougaty innards were melty and so so tasty =P cholesterol? what cholesterol?

the batter got a bit much towards the end so i pulled it off and just ate the mars bar innards lol

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