ikea, a taste of sweden foodbloggers meetup

  6 May 2009

it all started with this post and soon dave from IKEA has emailed me about organising a foodbloggers meetup in the ikea restaurant. the foodbloggers who came were: Grab Your Fork, A Table For Two, Eat Show & Tell, Here Comes the Food, Citrus and Candy, the <3 of Food, and I Am Obsessed With Food

the lovely petra who was very knowledgeable in all things fish joked that serving alcohol with the food was the more common practice in sweden but tonight we had to make do with cider heh heh

our roped off area in the restaurant was near a tempting kids playground area which i couldnt resist&#8230;

behold! a tray of canape style entrees! there was [Clockwise from bottom left]: Swedish red caviar on Tunnbröd scroll with sour cream; Leksands knäckebröd triangle with boiled egg and Kaller smoked roe; Hällakaka rounds with boiled egg and mustard pickled herring; Gravlax salmon on bread with sweet mustard and dill; Sandwich fingers with shrimp, boiled egg, mayonnaise, lettuce leaves and cucumber

and the pickled herrings platter! with Dillsill herring in dill marinade; Inlagd sill herring in marinade with onion and carrots; Senapssill herring in mustard sauce; and Hällakaka rounds

mmm tasty bites! i especially loved the bright gunvor tablecloths and yes they are of course for sale in the fabric section

as we are nibbling at the entrees we got a lil demo on some of the cookware available and my gosh did you know ikea has a 24cm frying pan for the super low bargain price of $4.50?! geez i dont think i could make anything with $4.50!

we are then given meal cards and get to pick our main meal. we race off and return and find that the majority of us have gotten the much loved meatballs which comes in 3 sizes- small ($6.95), medium ($7.50), and large ($8.95)

but not to worry for others have gotten other foods and we can taste test!

the Salmon pytti panna with basil and mustard sauce ($3.95) is a colourful jumble of vegetables and cubed salmon

others have opted for the Chicken breast schnitzel with chips ($3.95) and after finding his schnitzel to be eerily heart shaped simon is soon attacking his

but then it is dessert time! and my beloved princess cake ($3.95) arrives in all its crazy green neon-ness! for those who have never tried the princess cake it has a layer of light sponge cake spread with gooey jam, topped with a thick layer of cream and is covered in a thin skin of marzipan. biting into it is quite like biting into mochi! slightly chewey at first but with deliciously tasty innards

um i like my cake =P

dessert platter of Punch rolls and Delicato balls

billy is lucky enough to win the door prize and scores a giant pot complete with cooking utensils! the rest of us score the ikea cookbook and other assorted goodies like the awesome giant pancake flipper!

but then the store was closing and a mad dash thru checkout to the sweden shop to stock up on some goodies before heading to my place for a slice of daim cake. ahhh gotta love em. super thanks to dave for the awesome night!

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