last minute recap of last seasons zumbo

  22 May 2009

heh thought id sneak in a quick post on some desserts from zumbo before his new range starts 2moro! altho the majority of everything in this post is from the cafe anyway lol anywhos this is a couple of visits condensed into 1 post =P

first some drinks- im pretty sure the boy ordered an iced milk chocolate in the small glass and in the metal container is the best butterscotch milkshake i have ever tasted. sweet, icy cold and so very delicious

yup chocolate is good for the soul

toasted moroccan chicken sandwich ($9) for the boy because he requires savoury before something sweet…

the famed miss marple deconstructed ($13.50)- marscapone filled crepes with maple & strawberry + orange jellies. oh yes you know you want it.

Paris La Vie En Rose ($13.50)- rose crème brulee with raspberry sorbet, lychees and a petit rose macaron served alongside a coconut and tapioca shake. the boy had pointed to this on the menu and even tho i kept telling him everything would be pink, girly and very much rose flavoured he was adamant that he wanted it. and when it arrived he stares at it and says IT’S PINK?! [palm face]

Ricotta Pancakes with Berry Coulis and Passionfruit Cream

yuzu no a nothing ($8.95)- biscuit macaron, lime & pineapple compote with mint and yuzu creme legere. i love love LOVE this! yuzu is a japanese citrus fruit that tastes like a cross between mandarin and pineapple with a touch of lemon. well to me it does. heh. but it is awesome! the boy had declared he wouldnt eat any of my dessert but soon he is nicking bits of yuzu when im not looking bah!


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