Adriano Zumbo- 40 Days and 40 Nights in Paris

  24 May 2009

it’s that time of year again. out with the old and in with the new! Adriano Zumbo’s new collection of delectable cakes are out now, titled 40 Days and 40 Nights in Paris

unable to make it to the foodbloggers gathering at his shop on sunday, a last minute decision to eat some cake meant helen, billy, bowb, The Pom, Noods and i found ourselves with 6 7 cakes and super hungry stomachs! hot chocolates were ordered or in my case the fabulous butterscotch milkshake mmm sweet

Escape from a Columbia Rainforest ($8.00). this cake is so random and ingenious let alone fun to look at. the ‘lid’ is sprinkled with pop rocks and when cutting in half out flows a river of cherry cola syrup. a river i say!

P ($7.75). yup some of the cakes have letters for names because they have yet to be named lol but P was an awesome creation and i think my 2nd favourite of the cakes we tried with a tonka bean brulee, pain d’epice, sour cream jelly and almond ginger crunch disc. the cakey cubes on the outer layer were cinnamony, and the innards so very smooth and so delicious. i have no idea what the yellow sticks were. anyone?

Just 2 fingers Tiger! ($7.80) had a crumbly biscuit base with two choux pastry logs on top filled with a creamy vanilla and chocolate custard

…….. ($8.20) aka the pretty toffee apple cake heh another take on the famous ‘wheelie good’ creation from a while ago. and while i loved the vanilla apple tatin chantilly and apple tatin compote, sadly the gorgeously shiny red toffee circles was super chewy and had to be left aside but maybe because we had come so late in the afternoon?

X ($7.90). loved this! my favourite cake from our selection that arvo was this mille feuille with a a crispy caramelised sheet of flaky pastry sandwiching a pine nut guanduja mousse, dark chocolate creme, and sacher sponge. helen, bowb and i are silent as we crunch down on the buttery pastry

! ($7.90) hmm while i loved chewing the rice granules in the so called ‘smoked rice orange brulee’ some bits tasted more like burning than smoked. but that could be just me. eh. i cant remember if i liked the rest of the tart (it’s freaking 4am and im sleep deprived from watching my humans run around in restaurant city heh anyone else play?)

Z ($7.90). the cake we had bought had sadly fallen and split in half. so um imagine it standing in one piece. i wasnt too fond of this cake mainly because i dont like olives. or the taste of olive oil when its not covered in garlic mushrooms. oh yum i love garlic mushrooms…

the awesome cake splitting skills! pete has split one cake in half so that the boys side and the girls side get even portions. once pete has split the first cake the boys immediately dig in while the girls decide to divide all the other cakes before starting. bowb is given the task to split and a mighty fine job she has done! and then we started taking innards shots which is probably why we took so long in eating heh

macaron on a stick covered in toffee. it was so very pretty in the shop but sadly the toffee was chewy and i had to pull it off to get at the apple innards mmm apple innards…

heh yes that is an eggs and toast scarf. no i didnt make it. wish i did tho! its from etsy

demolition om nom nom all gone!

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