restaurant city on facebook is so addictive

  28 May 2009

so have you heard about the new game on facebook that has been depriving people of sleep? it’s called restaurant city and i’ve got helen to blame for my increase in walking into walls.

you start out with a teeny tiny restaurant with 3 tables and chairs and 1 stove. first you hire ‘staff’ ie your friends on fb. they dont have to be playing the game but if they do decide to play their avatars’ clothing and hair etc can be changed by them

me! yeah that japanese school girl uniform costs $1900 so dont blow your money on buying things for your avatar! save it and spend on some more chairs!

the inside of mah restaurant! it sure is pink huh?

you can choose the foods you want to serve at your restaurant but you gotta make sure you have all the ingredients

the only way to get ingredients is to log in every day and to also answer a quiz. oh and by visiting your friends who are also playing! if not you can save up your money and trade with the market dude outside who sells stuff at ridiculous prices lol

heh the foodbloggers exteriors of their restaurants lol can you pick who’s are who’s? l-r top to bottom: mine, helen’s, shellie’s, billy’s, pojwaree’srichard’s, bowb’s and sweesan. [images are screenshots]

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