Chophouse, Sydney

2 June 2009, 23:46

Chophouse. The very name brings images of giant cleavers and of course meat. Lots of meat. A small contingent of food bloggers had been invited by the lovely Abbe from Chophouse for the launch of the new roast dinner option. Chophouse (25 Bligh St, Sydney) is offering the Roast Dinner for the awesome price of $18 Monday to Saturday.

We make our way inside and it’s all warm and cosy with deep chocolate brown sofa seats and cavernous ceilings

A skull chandelier hangs above the bar creating an interesting and slightly morbid light decoration

How cute are the bread plates!

mmm baked goods

But the moment we have been waiting for! Roast Dinner – Riverine Premium Beef, Byron Bat Berkshire Pork with Crackling! Served with Japanese pumpkin and Dutch cream potatoes. And the crackling oh the crackling! After the flurry of photos taken it was funny to see everyone carefully set aside their square of crackling for last haha

MAH CRACKLING! Also big thank you to Shez who for some reason decided to give me half her piece of crackling heh i dont turn down crackling!

Potato gratin. We also score some side dishes and the potato gratin is one of the best i’ve ever eaten with just the right amount of cheese smothering slices of tender potato and topped with a grilled parmesan crust.

Seasonal green beans. For some reason the beans tasted minty. It was probably just me but I have issues with mint flavour. Yeah i dunno.

And finally dessert time! House-made chocolate block with 80% milk and 20% dark chocolate, combining for a blend that is 46% cocoa. The blend is perfect and not too sweet (hah! this coming from me!) and hidden within the chocolate were shards of crunchy praline deliciousness. Shez is wielding the mini cleaver and chops letter by letter with such glee and then it is a battle of the eyes with Helen over the remaining pieces until…

the lovely head chef David Clarke stops by and gives us 3 blocks of the Chophouse chocolate to take home ahhh a man after my own heart heh again much thanks to Abbe for the invite!



  1. The official Chocolatesuze thumbs-up :) And ohh crackling, how I adore thee.

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jun 3, 02:13 AM    #

  2. Ahh! Don’t judge me! (hides from glowering eyes of crackling-giving-away judgement)

    I was all rich-food-ed out. COuldn’t do anymore. The lesson? Eat crackling first people. First.

    shez    Jun 3, 10:08 AM    #

  3. Hi Suze,
    Looks good but I must admit that I like my roast with gravy, was there any?

    — Jess    Jun 3, 11:39 AM    #

  4. That is a seriously looking crackling right there.

    Trisha    Jun 3, 02:37 PM    #

  5. Ahhh good night out with crackling wasn’t it?
    I wonder how quickly those take-home chocolate blocks were eaten..

    Yas    Jun 3, 07:59 PM    #

  6. helen: hah! i wouldve loved to hold a knife standing next to david!
    shez: ah but then i cant look forward to receiving bonus crackling from you!
    jess: ooh yes there was gravy and mustard and i think apple sauce but uh i forgot to take a photo oops =P
    trisha: mmm indeed the crackling was so awesome!
    yas: heh ask billy and helen! mine disappeared on the same night hoho

    — chocolatesuze    Jun 4, 01:44 AM    #

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