Ramen Gumshara, Sydney

  15 July 2009

during the craziness that was the good food and wine show, places to eat in the vicinity of darling harbour/chinatown was high on our priority list and so i managed to convince the father unit to try Ramen Gumshara (25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket) in the eating world harbour plaza food court. for those of you following me on twitter there has been much talk on the ‘chronic ramen’ especially from the awesome dan hong from lotus. he found out that it takes 7days to make their super thick stock and goes through a whopping 120kg of pork bones each day

heh heh the warning sign

i choose the bbq pork noodle ($12) for the fathership and after a photo or two i look up and he’s completely devoured the whole bowl and has started slurping down all the soup haha i think it’s a winner.

i have ordered the tonkotsu ramen ($8.50) plus an egg ($1.50). the egg is so freaking awesome with its melty gooey yolky innards oh baby. the soup is thick and and so very rich with its collageny goodness. chronic indeed. of course i am fail and unable to finish my bowl and the father unit is eyeing my bowl so i pass it to him and he manages to finish it. 0_0

the next day during a break from the gf&w i have dragged the boy to share the love that is gumshara. i ordered the pork spare rib noodle ($13) where apparently only 10bowls are made each day. the pork was meltingly soft and so very tender. and encased in fat. oh the fat. be still my heart.

day 3 of the gf&ws and shez is brought to gumshara for her initiation. she orders the garlic tonkotsu ramen ($9.50) plus egg ($1.50) and it arrives in a cloud of fragrant garlickyness and i start suffering from food envy. she managed to finish her bowl while i of course stare sadly at my wastage. maybe next time ill ask for half a bowl or a ‘kidsized’ portion

oh and if you eat too slowly a skin will form on your soup heh heh

entrance into eating world. the chef dude logo freaks me out with his giant eyes. its looking at me.

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