teppanyaki, the ivy- merivale winter feast

  20 August 2009

i managed to walk past the entrance of the ivy lifts several times and when finally emerging from the lifts i paused for to my right was a super long bar and all around me were sofas and chairs scattered in a seemingly random pattern. and so, helen and i wait there in front of the lifts for billy to save us. we eventually find the restaurant Teppanyaki without tripping (my god it’s dark in there) and are led to the communal table and stare at the chefs in their open kitchen. we are joined by the lovely myriam who is french and confirmed that it’s ‘macaron’ with ONE ‘o’ and pronounced macarawn NOT MACAROON PEOPLE! but anyways moving along…

the merivale winter feast is an awesome $35 and you get 3 courses plus a glass of wine or beer. there are 3 choices for entree, main and dessert. for the entree i have of course chosen the wagyu penny burgers (2 pieces) with cucumber, tomato and house sauce. hee so cute they were! i wouldve been happy eating about 6 of those burgers!

balmain bug wonton (2 pieces) with sweet chilli and cucumber sauce. it was such a shame that the delicate balmain bug flesh got killed by being wrapped in a wonton wrapper and deepfried

king fish sashimi (2 pieces) with shiso leaf and an asian salsa. again with the wonton skins! altho at least the kingfish to wonton ratio was more balanced than the balmain bug wontons

Main: wagyu striploin 100g Oakleigh Ranch marble score 5+ striploin with wok-tossed shiitake, buckwheat and soybean. funnily enough the girls have chosen the wagyu and while the presentation is beautiful the same cannot be said for the wagyu which is sadly a tad overcooked. the shiitake mushrooms are awesome tho and are swirled in the wagyu juice before nomming

Main: ocean trout served with crispy skin, pickled cucumber, black fungus and chilli salad with sesame dressing. billy has chosen the trout which is juicy and the plate is soon polished off

Dessert: banana tempura with a sake chocolate fondue. the desserts on the teppanyaki winter feasts menu are to be shared between two people and immediately i am drawn towards the word ‘tempura’ ‘sake’ and ‘chocolate’ ahh anything that is deep fried, contains alcohol and of course has the magic that is chocolate and i am a very happy girl. the banana tempura batter is light with sweet banana innards that i gleefully dunk into the bittersweet chocolate sauce which seriously i could have drunk straight from the bowl.

Dessert: black sesame ice cream with seasonal fruits. the single scoop of icecream in that teeny tiny bowl had us glancing at each other- if this dessert was meant to be shared by two people they must be either very full or not a fan of dessert because man it was pretty small!

the chair at the ivy lifts… pricewise i’d say the teppanyaki winter feasts is a pretty good deal. servings are a little small for dinner but i think it’d be perfect for lunch. probably less dark too.

of course a bit later we get the munchies and so we head to mamak for some roti tissue goodness…

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