blog chicks meetup at parramatta park cafe

  21 August 2009

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO BUTCH. Butch would like me to start writing with capital letters in my sentences. Hope you’re happy Butch!

(Image borrowed from Laura). Last week i attended my first ever blog chicks meetup. Blog chicks is an online community of aussie women bloggers and is hosted by the lovely Leigh who also collates the list of top 100 aussie female bloggers each month.

Bloggers at the lunch were: Lucy from Chief Bridesmaid, Leigh from Crazy Meezer, Marilyn from Live first, write later, Laura from LR Kane, Trish from My Little Drummer Boys, Emma from Reality Ravings, Liz from Savvy Cat and fellow foodbloggers Helen, Jen and Shez. But hey time for some food pics!

Ok i lied here’s a pic of our drinks. Helen and I have spotted an avocado milkshake ($5.50) on the menu and because we are suckers for random menu items we immediately order it. Along with a normal drink just in case- a vanilla malt milkshake ($5.10). The vanilla malt milkshake was awesome. The avocado milkshake not so much. It was like drinking guacamole and the honey that was laced in the drink was no comparison to the condensed milk that an avocado milkshake should have.

Steak sandwich ($17.50) with extra cheese, roasted mushrooms, rocket and beetroot relish with chips. I loved all the toppings on the sandwich except well, the steak. A tad on the dry side but the beetroot relish saves the day. As does the side of fat crunchy chips. Mmm carbohydrates.

Big Breakfast ($18) Two eggs, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, sausage, hash brown and toast. And a single piece of rocket heh. Shez gleefully attacks her food and crows with delight at finding sausage buried under the pile. I snuck a piece of hash brown when she wasn’t looking. It was tasty. I like my potato deep fried. Actually i guess i like all foods deep fried.

Open BBQ chicken burger ($16.50) with lettuce, tomato, avocado and aioli with chips

Chicken quesadilla ($16.50) Folded flour tortilla filled with grilled chicken, Spanish onion and cheese lightly toasted and topped with sour cream

Salt and pepper calamari ($16.50) tossed with seasoned Besan flour

Grilled barramundi ($19) with a macadamia crust on sauteed spinach, capsicum, tomato and feta

Grilled prawn pasta ($16.50) with chilli, lime and basil

The afternoon passes quickly with tech talk about what platforms we use, domain registrations and how a boy managed to get on the girls list… Soon we start feeling peckish and while the others have chosen dessert from the cake cabinet at the front i have stuck to my can of mother and a chocolate icecream while Helen goes for the Magnum option.

Chocolate tart ($6). Shez has chosen a rich looking chocolate tart and i stare enviously at it before begging for a piece heh and it is good. Super chocolatey but not too sweet with a fudgey denseness

Cannoli ($6)

Banana cake ($6)

Baby chocolate pudding ($6). (Lol oops sorry about the crap pic of the pudding. Still messing around with the 50mm)

It was lovely meeting everyone and super thanks to Leigh for organising!

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