red bull energy shot

17 September 2009, 02:10

So it seems i tend to get sucked into trying ‘special edition’ stuff. Like the red bull energy shot. i saw it at the petrol station (think it was $4.45?) and thought it was a keychain but nope it’s a teensy tiny bottle of concentrated red bull! i bought a normal sized can for comparison. It’s the left one. Heh. The label pimps the energy shot as not needing refrigeration which i guess is good if you want to stash it in your bag for emergencies but personally i couldn’t drink it lukewarm. It was very syrupy and well, i think i’m too used to the bubbles in my drinks. But oh boy was i bouncing off the walls in no time!



  1. I’m conflicted: I like the buzz but I also like savouring the drink without needing to slam it down. :P

    mooiness    Sep 17, 10:53 AM    #

  2. ahh now imagine if it really was a keyring that could be used in emergency situations!

    Helen (Grab Your Fork)    Sep 17, 10:59 AM    #

  3. When we were poor uni students we used to drink the “Red Bull” concentrate that you get in asian grocers. It used to be in the fridge section in either little tiny medicine looking bottles or cans with a very similar red bull icon and covered in warnings about heart attacks if you drank too much.

    Of course the warnings were in Chinese so we had no idea what they said until a friend translated for us about a year later!

    — Katy    Sep 17, 11:09 AM    #

  4. I actually thought there were little pellets within the container that you could hit up as a power pill when you needed it.

    Thanks for the review. Just saved me $4.45 :)

    Simon    Sep 17, 12:59 PM    #

  5. it looks like a giant battery! oh the irony…

    — red.velvet.ribbons    Sep 17, 05:43 PM    #

  6. some Year 7 died drinking those shots on the way to school didn’t they? O.o

    Lex    Sep 17, 09:19 PM    #

  7. Katy, that ‘chinese’ writing on the bottles is Thai. You’re drinking Thai red bull, which is most likely what this ‘syrup’ is. You get the original red bull from Thai grocers for around a dollar per bottle. 150mL.

    — Jay    Sep 17, 09:48 PM    #

  8. Little shots of red bull woah. I’ve never seen them before.

    Katherine    Sep 17, 11:10 PM    #

  9. cute! does the mini shot give you wings as well??! :D

    Betty    Sep 18, 12:02 AM    #

  10. @katy @jay : Those bottles are called kratindang and are awesome! The thai equiv of Redbull.

    Howard    Sep 18, 01:36 AM    #

  11. Wooo concentrated red bull.
    The other day I saw V in the similar bottles. I wouldn’t know if that causes me caffein high or sugar high. lol

    Yas    Sep 19, 11:04 AM    #

  12. Its an entire power house within that blue silver can, oh and its tasty

    Energy Shot    Aug 19, 08:02 PM    #

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