20 layer rainbow cake

4 December 2009, 01:00

There’s just something about layer cakes that makes people happy. Especially rainbow cakes. My most favourite food blogger Helen had interestingly enough never had a novelty cake for her birthday before! Can you believe that? So I was pretty determined to make something different for our dumpling party. My 20 layer rainbow cake was inspired by this and while I would have liked to try and beat his layers I ran out of eggs.

My food colouring gels. Don’t attempt to make a rainbow cake using the supermarket liquid colours because it wont be quite as bright and psychedelic looking. They’ll still work but not as good. I use Wilton’s they’re awesome but a bit pricey.

First make your cake batter. I tripled my cake recipe. Maybe next time (hah!) I would have quadrupled the recipe.

I used an icecream scoop to measure out the batter and mix each colour. The tray i used was a rectangle muffin tray. I only had 1 tray and oh boy was it frustratingly slow to mix each colour, bake, and then let the cakes cool before removing from tray and then making up a new batch of colours!

The beginning cakes were fat and misshapen because i misjudged the amount of batter per cake. But that’s ok because you only need the base of the cakes and can lop off the tops and eat those later. Mmm cake offcuts.

After cutting the rounded bits off the loaves place cake bases in whatever rainbow colour order pleases you.

Oooh hello there

And because i like icing im sandwiching the layers with a lemon buttercream

Mmm rainbowy

It’s meant to be a fork! I should’ve made the prongs longer but there was no more space on the cake board. I used cream cheese icing to hide the rainbow.

Woohoo colourful ain’t it?

Nom nom

Taste the rainbow!

Ok last shot

Heh it’s a rainbow ladder of cake!

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  1. This was a totally brilliant cake!

    Considering all the trouble and hassles you went through to make this cake, the reaction from Helen alone, let alone everyone else at the party, was surely worth the effort.

    Even though this wasn’t my cake, it made me very happy and I thoroughly enjoyed the reveal as well as the eating :)

    Simon    Dec 4, 02:36 AM    #

  2. What a great friend you are for making such a colourful and beautiful cake!

    Trissa    Dec 4, 07:53 AM    #

  3. The famous fork cake! You outdid yourself Suze :) So many layers of neon coloured awesomeness!!

    Steph    Dec 4, 08:42 AM    #

  4. Oh the muffin trays look so pretty! Yep this was officially my first ever novelty bday cake. Thanks so much for the amount of effort and lol, the “do not look in the fridge” ban all evening was hilarious. Much love for the most awesome Grab Your Fork cake ever :)

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Dec 4, 09:17 AM    #

  5. i’ve been wondering how this colourful looking cake was made :-) such a great idea!

    Simon Food Favourites    Dec 4, 09:28 AM    #

  6. Great effort Suze, especially with 1 muffin tray only! Sounds like it’s the highlight of the night for Helen’s birthday. Well done.

    Angela    Dec 4, 09:30 AM    #

  7. awesome Suze i love it!

    betty    Dec 4, 09:45 AM    #

  8. hehe that is amazing!!! Looks so pretty cut down the middle. Great job :)

    catty    Dec 4, 10:16 AM    #

  9. mmmmazing! :D

    — rosha.    Dec 4, 10:23 AM    #

  10. Brilliant cake! Everyone must have been stoked when it was cut open.

    Belle@OohLook    Dec 4, 11:10 AM    #

  11. this is an awesome cake! you use the 5 colouring gels to mix and match into 20? haha

    ladyironchef    Dec 4, 11:36 AM    #

  12. Zomg CUTE!!!

    Great work!

    Sarah    Dec 4, 08:37 PM    #

  13. gosh that is an amazing work of art. i could never have the patience!

    shermy    Dec 5, 01:23 AM    #

  14. Nice work on getting the gradients right! :)

    mooiness    Dec 5, 12:35 PM    #

  15. Ahhhhh I love all these coloured slices!! You know I’ve got soft spot for things that have many colour variations. I want them all – individually!

    Great cake as always, Suze!

    Yas @ hungry.digital.elf    Dec 5, 04:55 PM    #

  16. Wow! The cake looks gorgeous. We try to use as many natural colors as we can with our chocolate. But natural colors are rather limited. Great work!

    max    Dec 6, 06:04 AM    #

  17. MMmm sooooo much cakkeeee but sooo tastyyyy, Oohh just had a brain wave to include skittles in the cake?

    FFichiban    Dec 6, 11:10 AM    #

  18. Ooh aah…so pretty! Nicely done Suze! Major props to you :)

    D (BeTheFoodie)    Dec 6, 01:22 PM    #

  19. call me dumb but i was wondering how you managed to bake so many cakes in so many colours. I was thinking it must’ve taken you weeks! alas, the mini loaf pan!

    panda    Dec 6, 02:27 PM    #

  20. 20 layers?? Wow amazing!! Excellent job!

    Gala    Dec 7, 06:39 AM    #

  21. simon: nawww shucks hehe rainbows makes everyone happy!
    trissa: thanks dude!
    steph: lol i love crazy colour cakes hehe
    helen: haha yeah i know how you like looking at my fridge filled with non food items and only drinks! happy bday!
    simon food favourites: with blood sweat and tears haha
    angela: thanks dude! might have to buy another muffin tray in case i want to do that again lol
    betty: hehe thanks!
    catty: i was totally holding my breath as i was cutting down the middle hehe
    rosha: thanks dude!
    belle: i think i was more happy it turned out ok haha i was so scared cutting it in half!
    ladyironchef: yeah pretty much! i had wanted more layers but ran outta eggs ah so sad
    sarah: thanks dude!
    shermy: oh i have very little patience! i was too busy cursing haha
    mooines: LOL there shouldve been more blue and green colours but i ran outta batter!
    yas: hehe diff flavour layers?
    max: true, i felt kinda ill at the amount of food colouring i was using but i figured we wouldnt be eating that much of the cake each hehe
    ffichiban: lol do it!
    d: hehe thanks dude!
    panda: hehe i made it the night before and started at 7pm which was a bad idea because it took so freaking long to bake and ice!
    gala: thanks dude! next time will go for 30 layers hehe

    — chocolatesuze    Dec 7, 10:18 AM    #

  22. suze-you-are-genius.

    sugarpuffi    Dec 8, 12:03 AM    #

  23. So totally cool! Your friend Helen is so lucky!

    Brenda    Dec 10, 04:27 PM    #

  24. wow that is impressive. a lot of work! but worth it!

    Dina    Dec 12, 06:46 AM    #

  25. I tried making this cake today but I think I might’ve used the wrong cake recipe because it was just way too crumbly :( But it still looks/taste awesome xD

    Melody    Dec 15, 09:24 PM    #

  26. sugarpuffi: hehe thanks dude!
    brenda: thanks :D
    dina: yeah i dont think ill be making it again any time soon haha
    melody: oh noes! did you overmix when adding the colouring?

    — chocolatesuze    Dec 17, 09:50 AM    #

  27. What a lovely cake – just gorgeous – I want to make one tooooo!

    Shannon    Jan 3, 06:42 PM    #

  28. Wow that is awesome! What a fantastic idea.

    simmi    Jan 25, 01:30 PM    #

  29. thanks for the instructions – I made a rainbow cake for my daughters bday last year & this one is MUCH better – maybe she will get another!

    — ashlynn    Feb 4, 10:43 AM    #

  30. shannon: thanks do it! doooo it!
    simmi: thanks dude!
    ashlynn: aww youre such an awesome mother!

    — chocolatesuze    Feb 4, 12:27 PM    #

  31. We are famous for our Rainbow cake in Melbourne but that is phenomenal WELL DONE!!!!!! Inspirational & I will be callenging our pastry chefs…

    Josephine Schneider    Feb 10, 01:38 PM    #

  32. Must show my kids

    — DAWN    Feb 26, 12:29 PM    #

  33. Hi do you have the recipe for the cake batter? Mind sharing? Thanks.

    — Phyllis Pan    Mar 18, 10:58 AM    #

  34. Crazy cool!

    WizzyTheStick    Apr 15, 07:08 AM    #

  35. Fantastic! Just what i have been looking for! Wonderful tutorial and excellent cake! I look forward to trying this one! Thankyou! =D

    Carly    May 1, 10:38 AM    #


    Sarah    May 12, 02:10 AM    #

  37. woaa thats seriously cool
    im wondering, where’d you buy the food colouring gel?

    — Deborah    Jul 2, 07:48 PM    #

  38. That was awesome!!! How did you guys come across with these idea? Such a brilliant idea.

    — rainbow riches    Jul 26, 11:19 PM    #

  39. This is so inspiring.. My next baking project would be this cake!!!

    RibbonClown    Sep 26, 05:38 PM    #

  40. the cake looks awesome! just a quick question, when you left the batter while the first and second batches of cake baked and cooled didn’t it get heavy and turn the cakes doughy? i tried making rainbow cupcakes but my cake came out like fat pancakes because they had not risen. i was told it was because i took too long between mixing the flour and putting it in the oven.

    pp    Oct 26, 03:17 PM    #

  41. AWESOME CAKE, loving the colours, was wondering where did you get the food coloring? I want to get a really nice violet colour but don’t know how?

    — Carol    Nov 24, 01:24 PM    #

  42. Well, nobody will ever accuse you of being faint-hearted.

    Susan Bennett    Mar 3, 02:55 PM    #

  43. my daughter would love this looks great

    Emma    Aug 1, 03:12 PM    #

  44. Wow amazing!!!!!! Excellent job!!!

    — Asanka    Jan 27, 02:50 PM    #

  45. Love those colours they are almost unnaturally bright! I bet children would love a cake made with such bright colours!

    Choc-affair    Feb 14, 12:36 PM    #

  46. The cake looks fantastic! What cake batter did you use? Butter or sponge cake?

    — Adelyn    Apr 10, 05:12 PM    #

  47. wow.. somehow I want to try it nyummy

    sofi    Sep 11, 03:05 PM    #

  48. hi, I was just searching for cake recipes for my boyfriend’s 30th when I stumbled on this. the cake looks amazing! could you give me the recipe for it? thanks xx

    — aqeelah    Oct 24, 01:50 PM    #

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