Luther Burgers aka Krispy Kreme Donut burgers

8 January 2010, 08:46

(Edit: Some people are having issues that I’m using Coon Cheese. Get over it people, it’s an Australian brand and if you have probs with the name then head on over to If you have issues with how trashy this ‘burger’ is that’s fine.)The Luther Burger. It’s a bacon cheeseburger topped with a fried egg and a slice of pineapple and Krispy Kreme donuts for the hamburger buns… I came up with the idea of making these babies for Richard’s food blogger meetup when I was stuck on ideas and entertaining myself reading this is why you’re fat knowing that everyone would be bringing super nicely presented foods haha yes I know this pretty much junk food but eh whatevs

Stuff to make the Luther Burger: box of Krispy Kreme donuts, bacon rashers, pineapple slices, cheese slices, hamburger patties and eggs

First cook your bacon. I placed the bacon on a tray and grilled in the oven until nice and crispy because I have issues with bacon spitting its hatred at me

Burger patties a-cooking

I didn’t have any egg rings so had to cook the eggs one at a time in this mini egg pan and then flipping into another pan to seal the egg yolk innards

And then the fun bit assembling time!

Slicing the donuts horizontally is the oddest feeling.

Donut halves!

Since I’d cooked the patties in the morning I just nuked them in the microwave before assembling


Sadly 1 tin of pineapple slices holds only 8 slices so 4 of the burgers missed out on the tastyness.

I <3 bacon

Cheese slices. I used Coon cheese slices but I think next time (rofl maybe not) I would use the orange American cheese

Plonk the top donut half on top and tadah!

So very tasty oh yes! Sweet and salty with a truckload of guilt. Now who wants to try it deepfried?



  1. Wait a minute, there’s gonna be a next time?!

    LOL, I’d like to try the deep fried version but maybe just one bite for the sake of my heart!

    Karen    Jan 8, 03:46 AM    #

  2. I think I wont eat for the rest of the day now – this is one for the “this is why your fat” blog.

    Fiona    Jan 8, 07:45 AM    #

  3. Evil woman.

    The Ninja    Jan 8, 10:42 AM    #

  4. I’m with you on the spitting bacon. I want one of those mini egg pans, you cooked those eggs perfectly! Must have taken you ages to do them one at a time.

    Steph    Jan 8, 10:45 AM    #

  5. The picture of you slicing the donuts is classic. Imagining a wanted poster: Do not approach this woman. She is armed with lethal donut burgers.

    Next time (lol), we should panfry the donuts and serve upside down. Saves the sticky fingers. lol

    Helen (Grab Your Fork)    Jan 8, 10:50 AM    #

  6. I put on 2 kilos just looking at the photos. You look happy, though!

    Belle@OohLook    Jan 8, 11:12 AM    #

  7. These burgers were evil but oh so tasty! I’ll try the deep fried version but only if my heart will take it hehe

    Jacq    Jan 8, 11:14 AM    #

  8. You are a crazy woman! Just wondering.. Did YOU finish it off?

    Man.. some of the stuff on the “this is why you’re fat” blog is insane!

    — Phuoc    Jan 8, 11:47 AM    #

  9. you are one crazy food blogger hehe. i can’t believe you not FAT but then again are you actually eating these monsters hehe :-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Jan 8, 11:53 AM    #

  10. mini patties or GIANT EGG?!?!? The illusion of two photos together had me confused for a second! LOL NExt time add some peanut butter too! :P

    billy@ATFT    Jan 8, 12:43 PM    #

  11. Ah! Finally, the method behind the madness :)

    Some attention to detail, especially with the frying of the eggs.

    Have you posted the image to This is Why You’re Fat? :)

    Simon    Jan 8, 05:01 PM    #

  12. This is seriously sinful but wonderful to the max!!

    Ellie    Jan 8, 06:42 PM    #

  13. Please me – I want to see it deep fried! How do you even manage to keep the whole thing together? What a quirky yet wonderful idea!

    Trissa    Jan 8, 08:21 PM    #

  14. My …. heart …. just …. stopped ….

    joey@FoodiePop    Jan 9, 10:49 AM    #

  15. There is nothing else to say but this – you must be bowed down to.

    Hannah    Jan 9, 02:01 PM    #

  16. simply one word….wow!

    panda    Jan 9, 06:21 PM    #

  17. As much as the thought if this makes me shudder, I’d love to try it!

    Iron Chef Shellie    Jan 11, 04:21 PM    #

  18. long time follower of your blog, love your fantastic idea of the burger, though I can feel my heart skip a beat just looking at it lol

    anyways, for one cool creative chick, I’ve nominated you for “over the top” award. check out my blog to see what you need to do to pass this along =)

    mashi    Jan 12, 11:00 AM    #

  19. A friend of mine sent me a link to this with the subject “major food blogger follows your lead”. Allow me to explain: I came up with my own donut burger idea around maybe 2002/2003-ish, executed as follows: (1) Purchase one Works Zinger burger (that’s one of the Zingers with bacon, pineapple and cheese) and one 3-pack of Crispy Strips from your nearest KFC outlet; (2) Purchase one large donut of your choice from your nearest donut outlet (remember, this is in the olden days, back before Krispy Kremes were introduced to Australia, so I went with a ‘Caramel Yeast’ from a DCM donut place); (3) Retire to a private place for the remaining steps, so as to prevent others from seeing your shameful behaviour; (4) Slice the donut horizontally as per your photographs; (5) Disassemble the Works Zinger, removing the bun while attempting to keep the fillings together; (6) Transfer said fillings into the donut; (7) Notice you’re left with an empty Zinger bun – but thankfully you remembered to buy three Crispy Strips which you can then use to make a relatively boring chicken burger; (8) Devour the Zinger Donut slowly, hoping to delay the point at which your arteries explode as long as possible; (9) If by some bizarre twist of fate you survive, and find that you’re still hungry, go ahead and eat the spare chicken burger you created in step 7.

    Though yours look delicious, and the step up to Krispy Kremes is certainly an improvement, I have to say I’d still choose the Zinger Donut – that is, if I could ever bring myself to do it again, given the horrible nausea (not to mention the feeling of having done something morally reprehensible) it gave me the first time round.

    — ZingerDonutBoy    Jan 12, 01:25 PM    #

  20. OMG….I’m too scared to try it, incase I like it! Had to resist trying it when I was in the US!!

    SoRMuiJAi    Jan 13, 12:08 AM    #

  21. karen: ahh there is the possibility of a next time :P
    fiona: lol yup thats where i got the idea from!
    the ninja: evil temptress?
    steph: yeah think next time will go and buy egg rings haha took too freaking long! but you can buy the pan from parra at kitchen kiosk near woolies
    helen: pan fry we might as well deepfry hehehehe
    belle: lol super happy hehe
    jacq: haha it seems everyone is willing to try the deepfried version!
    phuoc: haha nah only ate half a burger cos wasnt enough for everyone
    simon food favourites: lol good genes?
    billy: haha but why mess with perfection!
    simon: hehe i dun want them to use my image and then make money when their next book comes out!
    ellie: it was sooo good hehe
    trissa: ooh yes gotta figure out what batter to use hmm
    joey: LOL stopped at the beauty of the luther burger?
    hannah: hahahha thanks
    panda: and another one- MMM
    mashi: thanks for the award!
    zingerdonutboy: dude! that is awesome! i want to try it now!
    sormuijai: haha its so tasty seriously!

    — chocolatesuze    Jan 13, 12:04 PM    #

  22. That’s a heart attack on a plate! But well worth risking a coronary for the likes of that donut-burger all in one! ;)    Jan 14, 03:51 AM    #

  23. I am not a fan of mixing sweet and savory together but this looks like something to try.    Jan 14, 04:42 PM    #

  24. Are you trying to kill me? I happen to be on a diet, you know. I think I had a dream about this burger the other night…

    Angela    Jan 19, 11:59 AM    #

  25. oh my god! that is the craziest burger i’ve ever seen in my life, ever! I think my jaw hit the floor.

    — sandra    Jan 20, 05:29 PM    #

  26. I’m gonna pass on the double bypass…the only way you could make that worse is if you deep fry it.

    — Matt    Jan 21, 05:45 PM    #

  27. I’m in love.

    — Jerry    Apr 12, 08:02 AM    #

  28. DO want.

    — likalaruku    Mar 13, 10:28 PM    #

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