Zeta Bar- Cryogenic Sorbet & Cocktail Bar

1 February 2010, 00:29

I was invited to the launch of Australia’s first ever Cryogenic Sorbet and Cocktail Bar at Zeta bar, Hilton Sydney along with Helen, Minh, Simon and Zina. As soon as i heard the word cryogenic i knew someone would be playing with liquid nitrogen…

Whee! Big puffs of smoke! People will be able to order from a list of their favourite cocktails, choosing whether they want it served in a cone, cup or even as a nitro puff.

First cocktails of the night is the Negroni

The staff are decked out in 50’s ice cream parlour awesomeness

Canapes start arriving so we don’t get too tipsy tasting all the cocktails bwahahaaha loved the pesto + tomato + mozza spoons

Creamy mushroom tarts were so much win

Pina Coladas

The ice cream boy serves up some cocktails as tasty sorbets ($4/cone, $6/cup)

I really like paper umbrellas

Pate on baguette slices


Mini burgahs!

Spiced Black Raspberry Mule- loved this! Nice and sweet and lol very easy to drink :D

Ice block boy bearing icy treats

Champagne ice blocks ($5)

Food bloggers love a good show

The Cryogenic Sorbet & Cocktail Bar is available from the Terrace Bar every Friday night until the end of March.

Chocolatesuze attended the launch thanks to Carla from horizon communication



  1. We used to make liquid nitrogen ice cream with the physics society back at Newcastle Uni. Fun times.

    Fiona    Feb 1, 07:16 AM    #

  2. Haha and I thought booze couldn’t get any more fun :)

    Steph    Feb 1, 08:18 AM    #

  3. Did you try the Nitro Puff?!!

    Stella    Feb 1, 09:34 AM    #

  4. Ohh lots of yummy canapes and drinks there. i love the staff uniforms too – something different. The Champagne popsicles sound great!

    Ladybird    Feb 1, 10:07 AM    #

  5. deliciouso!!!! people say i have a nice job, I think you have a nicer one….yummmy!! oh, and nice piccies too :)

    trish    Feb 1, 10:24 AM    #

  6. No innuendo…NO INNUENDO

    Liquid nitrogen is a fun toy.

    The Ninja    Feb 1, 11:13 AM    #

  7. Tasty cocktails and canapes! I think we definitely gave our livers a workout :)

    Helen (Grab Your Fork)    Feb 1, 01:49 PM    #

  8. Holy moly, I missed out on the pina colada cocktails! Were they good??

    Zina @ tastedbytwo    Feb 1, 04:44 PM    #

  9. I love love love the ice cream papercup!!!!! And oohhh those mini burgers look good… and the mushroom tarts… and the sausos!!!

    Trisha    Feb 1, 05:54 PM    #

  10. Those Spiced Black Raspberry Mule look sooo damn good! licks screen

    And that champagne ice block… me likey very muchie!


    debbii    Feb 1, 07:54 PM    #

  11. how awesome are champagne ice blocks?! looks like you had fun eating and boozing :P

    panda    Feb 1, 09:49 PM    #

  12. I bet you wish u had one of those pink outfits dont u ;) admit it suuzzeeeeee :P heehehehehehhehee

    FFichiban    Feb 1, 10:14 PM    #

  13. Love this new bar! Thanks for the great pics!

    joey@FoodiePop    Feb 2, 08:09 AM    #

  14. Look awesome, but which one is nitrogenic drink or nitro puff drink? I guess they will not mixed the dry ice with water as I heard it’s dangerous, rite?

    — Lilia    Feb 2, 09:01 AM    #

  15. I love those cute ice-cream cup!!

    Ellie    Feb 2, 06:15 PM    #

  16. I’m all for ice-cream in whatever shape or form! :)

    Y    Feb 2, 07:59 PM    #

  17. Sounds crazy cool! The sorbets look so pretty in their cute little cups with the umbrella hehe

    Jacq    Feb 3, 12:34 AM    #

  18. fiona: oh how i wished i went to your uni instead!
    steph: lol booze is always fun haha
    stella: i did indeed but sadly photo was super crap
    ladybird: yeah i love costumes too! i love themes hehe
    trish: lol if only i got paid to review places!
    the ninja: hah always innuendo with you!
    helen: gotta train our livers!
    zina: hmm well i kinda dont like coconut hehe so im not the best person to ask
    trisha: yes mini cups makes everything so cute!
    debbii: the raspberry mule was awesome! nice and sweet hehe
    panda: totally! would love to visit zeta bar again for the raspberry mule!
    ffichiban: heh you know me too well
    joey: no probs i really want to go again!
    lilia: haha sorry no pic of puff cos it was blurry
    ellie: i know right! so cute!
    y: definitely! curious, dya like astronaut icecream?
    jacq: i love paper umbrellas!

    — chocolatesuze    Feb 3, 02:15 AM    #

  19. the lady doesn’t look too happy about having to wear that hideous pink outfit mwuahaha! she looks like a diner waitress :P

    cathy x.    Feb 3, 04:44 PM    #

  20. What a great idea. Seems like a fabulous event!

    Julia @ Mélanger    Feb 5, 07:44 AM    #

  21. Ahh this is so cool! Haven’t been back to Zeta bar for ages! Looks like an awesome way to get through this humid & hot summer!

    Yas @ hungry.digital.elf.    Feb 7, 09:46 PM    #

  22. cathy x: heh i think she was afraid of all the foodbloggers snapping away!
    julia: it was awesome and mmm i love drinkies :D
    yas: dude lets go! i want another raspberry mule!

    — chocolatesuze    Feb 7, 10:02 PM    #

  23. This was a fun concept as well as an interesting function. Perfect for the warm days of Summer & perhaps even a few of Autumn if it carries over that far.

    Simon@theheartoffood    Feb 20, 01:12 AM    #

  24. If you like the paper cups, you can see more at:


    Which is were the design is originally from (and download the designs for yourself!)

    — mark    Mar 1, 04:30 PM    #

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