Zeta Bar- Cryogenic Sorbet & Cocktail Bar

  1 February 2010

I was invited to the launch of Australia’s first ever Cryogenic Sorbet and Cocktail Bar at Zeta bar, Hilton Sydney along with Helen, Minh, Simon and Zina. As soon as i heard the word cryogenic i knew someone would be playing with liquid nitrogen…

Whee! Big puffs of smoke! People will be able to order from a list of their favourite cocktails, choosing whether they want it served in a cone, cup or even as a nitro puff.

First cocktails of the night is the Negroni

The staff are decked out in 50’s ice cream parlour awesomeness

Canapes start arriving so we don’t get too tipsy tasting all the cocktails bwahahaaha loved the pesto + tomato + mozza spoons

Creamy mushroom tarts were so much win

Pina Coladas

The ice cream boy serves up some cocktails as tasty sorbets ($4/cone, $6/cup)

I really like paper umbrellas

Pate on baguette slices


Mini burgahs!

Spiced Black Raspberry Mule- loved this! Nice and sweet and lol very easy to drink 😀

Ice block boy bearing icy treats

Champagne ice blocks ($5)

Food bloggers love a good show

The Cryogenic Sorbet & Cocktail Bar is available from the Terrace Bar every Friday night until the end of March.

Chocolatesuze attended the launch thanks to Carla from horizon communication

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